Nationwide Van Lines - Nationwide Van Lines Should Be Out Of Business!

Posted on Monday, August 16th, 2010 at 5:53pm CDT by c07ed932

Company: Nationwide Van Lines

Location: Plantation, FL, US

Category: Other

Completely pissed off at Nationwide Van Lines! Thanks to pissed for giving me a space on the world wide web to air my grief with this moronic company.

Where do I begin with this? How about...they flaked on the pick up time for starters. No show with us ready to move. The liars in their office, Rachael and Yaron, two complete morons, told us there was a "minor" delay but in the end they were no shows.

Next? How about incompetent drivers, true UNPROFESSIONALS, who can't position a truck correctly? Can't back it up? Can't park it on a public street, can't seem to get the stuff in when they do arrive? Issik or Izzik or Itzik or however you spell it was possibly the worst mover I have ever had in my life. Just a total fool with more excuses as to his sloppy and careless work than fingers and toes.

More? How about poorly packaged delicates, haphazardly packaged glassware, and poorly packed clothing where expensive sweaters and blouses were thrown in a box with wire hangers casuing rips on multple things?

I can't stomach any more of these memories, but trust me, there are plenty more.

From being lead down the path of deceit by Gail in their office assuring me of a sterling reputation which ultimately did not exist, to the lies on the phone from Rachael and Yaron about the movers timetables and responsibilities, to the driver who didn't know his head from his you know what...I totally do not recommend this company. In fact, I recommend that you in no way use them. Nationwide Van Lines should be out of business!


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