Kevin J Smith Trucking Services - Aggressive Driving

Posted on Monday, August 16th, 2010 at 12:38pm CDT by 278055cb

Company: Kevin J Smith Trucking Services

Location: 6502 Road 5
Kanorado, KS, 67741-9574, US

Category: Other

One of this company's trucks was trying to run me off the road today. I was merging onto I-70 in Colorado when a light brown semi trailer comes up behind me going twice the speed limit of the on-ramp. Apparently he didn't think I was going fast enough so he starts to tailgate me and blow his obnoxiously loud airhorn. I flicked on my rear fog lights to try to get him to back off, which really made him angry. He passed me on the left doing approximately 85 in a 55, blaring his horn. I was afraid he was going to use his multi-ton rig to smash my little car purely out of anger. The side of his truck said "Kevin J Smith Trucking" and had US DOT number 474460.

I tried calling the number listed for this company but only got an answering machine. I wish there was an avenue to report him on the US DOT website, but couldn't find anything. The way this truck was driving, I wouldn't be surprised if he causes a serious accident.


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