UPS Sucks

Posted on Sunday, August 15th, 2010 at 9:42pm CDT by c2a8ae11

Product: United Parcel Service

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so i had a package bound to arrive today, august 16.

i was told that their courier tried to deliver the package on august 14, but i wasn't at home. so i tried calling them (main branch, dispatcher, billing service, customer service, all numbers!) but either A) the phone was just ringing or B) the line was busy. I spent around 2 hours calling all of their numbers until someone picked up. She transferred the call to the dispatching person but it just kept on ringing, so she connected me to the customer service number instead. I gave her my details, the tracking number, and then she told me that my shipment will be delivered the day after since ALL OF THE COURIERS WENT HOME BY 8AM. THE HELL! I asked why, and the customer service person said that, because it is monday, a day after sunday (their rest day) there will be a lot of shipments so the couriers will go home? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

The reason why i chose UPS over the other shipping companies was because I thought shipments were expedited and shipping time was fast, and I needed the package by today (august 16 WAS the guaranteed shipping date, and lo! couriers were gone by 8am? whatwas that??) . A very bad service, in my opinion. Hidden fees, busy lines, no one picking up the phone, etc. I am never going to recommend UPS to my friends and colleagues nor am I to use it ever again. I did not get the service that I paid for.


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