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Posted on Sunday, August 15th, 2010 at 4:15pm CDT by adbea2c1

Product: Turbo HD Gold

Company: Dish Network

Location: US


Category: Other

After 20 months of my 24 month contract with Dish Network under their Turbo HD Gold contact, they eliminated Disney HD from their line up due to a conflict with Disney's rates. No formal communication was issued to me about the change, but my 3 year old sure noticed. After calling and emailing them, the only option they offered me was to sign up for another 2 year agreement with their America 200 program for the same price-BUT I would be missing yet more channels from my line up and Disney would be in standard not HD. After reviewing their programming line up, I would have to move up another package and 10.00 more a month to get what I signed up for 2 years ago. I chatted with an online agent and there was nothing they could do, they wouldn't offer me any current promotions and indicated that even if I cancelled my current service and applied as a new customer I would not qualify for any other promotions. I guess they really don't care about their customers and really are soley driven by the all mighty dollar.


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008a25c3, 2010-12-28, 11:24AM CST

Hello, this is Mike LeMar with DISH Network customer service. I apologize for the inconvenience. Disney and ESPN Networks, the owner of Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC Family and ESPNews is preventing us from providing these channels to you in high definition. Although the HD versions of these channels are currently unavailable, you can still watch your favorite show in standard definition.

Hope that helps!

e9cf74b2, 2010-12-29, 11:14AM CST

This is Phillip Chang with DISH Network's Customer Service Department. I have read your post and I want to help. I do understand your frustration. I want to assure you that DISH Network is committed to providing you with the best programming at the lowest prices. In order to continue doing this, we periodically have to make changes to our lineup.

We value your feedback as we continue to strive to provide you with the best possible experience.

e5f1c98f, 2011-02-13, 09:17AM CST

I understand your frustration. I can assure you we do everything we can to get channels back for you. We understand that when you love a channel you do not want to lose it, especially if you are not compensated for it, however keep in mind the reason we are in the dispute over pricing is on your behalf. Instead of just agreeing to their request to increase cost by sometimes up to 50%, we fight for our customers so they do not have to. We know that some customers may want to pay more and keep this channel but keep in mind it would raise every ones cost not just those who want it to. Also keep in mind that if we did not fight to keep prices low that sometimes this would cause your price to increase for a channel that you do not watch. The reason we can provide the lowest cost for our customers is by standing up for their rights against high price increases.

Alicia Brink

DISH Network

[email protected]

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