Good Ol Days Garage - Tom Eure and Good Ol Days Garage, Ingram, Texas

Posted on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 at 11:00am CDT by 887ecba1

Product: Auto Restoration

Company: Good Ol Days Garage

Location: 3364 Junction Highway
INGRAM, TX, 78025, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

The following is based on my opinion and interaction with Tom Eure, Good Ol Days Garage, Ingram, Texas. My interactions with Tom Eure regarding his attempts to state he returned an auto part to a supplier, when he had it hidden in his shop were witnessed on March 1, 2010 in the presence of two Ingram City Marshalls. Additionally, I talked with a Deputy Marshall Ridder in late February 28, 2010 prior to auto pick up since Tom Eure was yelling and screaming about my suggestion to use engine parts from an engine rebuilder who merely offered ideas and suggestions. Tom Eure also provided me with deposit money in the amount of $1,500 on March 1, 2010. The money was counted out in Tom Eure's presence with two Ingram City Marshalls. Tom Eure then provided the money, the keys, and the 62 Corvette. He indicated no further money owed or any liens on the vehicle.Thereafter, Tom Eure claimed he made a miscalculation and claimed I owed him an additional $ 752.00 when I filed both a demand and complaint on him.

Summary: 1. Refusal to provide invoices on work for 1962 Corvette.

2. Returning auto in filthy condition.

3. Using wrong exhaust header application.

4. Attempting to steal original auto part by claiming part returned to supplier.

5. Refusing to mediate with the Better Business Bureau.

6. Changing agreed upon auto repair costs by $750.00 due to Mr. Tom Eure's alleged "miscalculation."

7. Terrible customer service.

8. No ASE or other automotive certifications although Tom Eure claims he is a Master Mechanic and engine rebuilder.

Brief Facts: Tom Eure, Good Ol Days Garage, Ingram, Texas, let a 1962 Corvette sit for over 9 months after he accepted a $1,000.00 deposit. He did not conduct an auto inspection review as requested. He did not properly identify the engine or understand what repairs I requested. He provides no customer service, left the vehicle sit at his mother's house for months's on end, then told me to pick up the auto when I suggested he use certain engine parts. He became irate and then placed vehicle outdoors in the rain.

In July 2010 I reported the events to the Austin Better Business Bureau, or should I say the Bad Business Bureau, who did little. Tom Eure refused to mediate, then joined the Austin BBB and received an A+ rating.

Other Tom Eure issues: I discovered that Tom Eure allegedly copied the website of another restoration shop in San Antonio, Texas. When reported, Tom Eure took down his website then changed it and claimed I was lying. Tom Eure lists certifications on his website. This is misleading. Apparently, he is not certified in any automotive field. In fact, he admitted in his BBB response that he does not need ASE certification and he is a Master Mechanic ? He claims he is a reputable engine rebuilder, but has no machine shop, no certifications by the Engine Rebuilder's Association, and no official automotive technology training. His certifications appear to be only memberships in a few auto clubs, some of which appear to be untraceable, e.g., Vectrum Motor Car Club of America.

Tom Eure was recently elected an Alderman for part of a small town of Ingram, Texas (population approximately 1,700). You would think an elected official would have correct information on a published website ?

In Tom Eure's response to my Austin BBB complaint he used comparisons of customers to snakes. He believes customers with valid complaints should see "SHRINKS."

Tom Eure's BBB responses were poorly written, emotive, and inflammatory. The Austin BBB, Austin, Texas rewarded Tom Eure and the Good Ol Days Shop with an A plus rating after he refused to participate in mediation, after he refused any compromise, and after he paid his hefty BBB fee.

What I seek: Payment in the amount of $420.00. This covers the fees to have exhaust headers properly ceramic coated and costs for detailing the vehicle to the condition left with Tom Eure in June 2009. Pictures were taken of the 1962 Corvette prior to delivery to Tom Eure and upon pick up on March 1, 2010.


887ecba1, 2010-08-19, 09:13AM CDT

August 18, 2010. Update on complaint against Tom Eure, Good Ol Days Garage, Ingram, Texas. The Texas Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division, San Antonio, Texas, advised me that they plan to contact Tom Eure about this matter.

887ecba1, 2010-11-22, 09:52PM CST

This is an update to reviews of Tom Eure and Good Ol Days Garage, Ingram, Texas:

November 22, 2010. Update on Tom Eure and Good Ol Days Garage Exhaust and Speed Shop, plus the new Good Ol Days Garage and Bike Shop, plus Tom Eure as Ingram City Alderman, plus Tom Eure as Volunteer Fireman.

Consumers: If you read Tom Eure's website he now has a "Bike Shop." This is in addition to his Exhaust Shop, his Speed Shop, and his duties as an Alderman and Volunteer Fireman, Ingram, Texas. Wow, based on his own website and published articles, this guy has a lot of activities. However, ask him to produce his auto mechanical or motorcycle or "bike" repair credentials. He responded to the Texas Attorney General, and by omission, that he has few, if any, ASE certifications.

Tom Eure allegedly indicated, by omission, to the Texas Attorney General that he has no ASE Certifications and no I-Car Auto Body/Auto Paint certifications. He confirmed in writing to the Texas Attorney General, that he learned his alleged auto mechanical skills from his "Granddaddy" I also believe (although I may be in error and I will stand corrected) he has little, if any, official "bike" or motorcycle certifications. The latter statement is based on speculation but supported by Mr. Tom Eure's own written admissions. I have copies of Mr. Eure's statements to the Texas Attorney General's staff.

Think about it. Do you want to pay someone a lot of money based on an hourly fee to repair your car, or "bike", or exhaust system, or classic car, when this guy allegedly has no certifications to speak of ? Granted, he has taken a few auto seminars, several years ago (some over a decade ago), but he has few, if any, ASE auto certification courses. He apparently wants over or near $60 dollars per hour from any consumer who has the cash to fork over to this guy. Do you fully believe someone who has marketed himself as a restoration expert and has no ASE certifications to speak of ? Ask to see his official certified training, ask to see his courses in modern or classic car automotive technology, ask to see his training in motorcycle repair or approved motorcycle repair certification. He may or may not tell you he is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) member with an A plus rating. However, the BBB is now allegedly under investigation by the Connecticut Attorney General for their alleged inflated grading system. It appears that the BBB highly rates those businesses who pay to be a member. This is the allegation by other businesses and the recent ABC TV news investigation. Just call up ABC news and they will confirm their investigation into the BBB. The BBB investigation was recently on yahoo internet news.

This consumer review is my opinion. The majority of the facts stated here were confirmed by Tom Eure's written admissions to the Texas Attorney General. Just call the Texas Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division, and ask about Tom Eure and Good Ol Days Garage. The problem in Texas is that any guy claiming he is an expert can open an auto restoration shop, an auto repair shop, an exhaust shop, and a bike shop. Apparently, there is no licensing requirements.

You have the right to take your classic car to any merchant or mechanic you desire. Just ask Tom Eure, Volunteer Fireman and Alderman, to produce evidence of his official certified training in exhaust systems, official automotive training, bike, and/or motorcycle training certifications.

You may or may not be surprised on what Alderman Tommy Eure or Volunteer Fireman Tommy Eure tells you.

Good luck and happy holidays.


San Antonio, Texas

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