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Posted on Friday, August 13th, 2010 at 1:32am CDT by c6cfc9f6

Product: Home Inspection

Company: Professional Home Inspections Consulting

Location: 10676 E Glenwood Cr
Surrey, BC, na, CA

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This professional is inadequate and negligent in inspecting our home prior to purchasing it. Visual area under the stairway (near entrance) which has the main water shut-off valve was NOT viewed and the drop ceiling area was NOT viewed.

I have come to this conclusion when our plumber came to do some work at the house, upon locating the main water valve (which had a wide OPEN area to enter/viewed from entrance) he saw alot of rat droppings. Also when he was trying to find where the water main was he push open drop ceiling and saw many times more rat droppings ALL over the ceiling. These drop ceilings are similar to the ones found in small deli/restaurants but the height was low - I can easily push it up from standing position (I am 5'7").

I would like to let you all know this man should NOT be allowed to represent himself as an inspector when a plumber can quickly spot something this bad so quickly with casual viewing.

I called him to complain and ask for refund due to his inadequate service and he laughed. I can understand if this was in an in-accessible area but it is located in easy to view/access area. 1 kid stool and flashlight in hand can easily view entire area of the drop ceiling's upper area.

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