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Posted on Thursday, August 12th, 2010 at 9:26pm CDT by aabc639d

Product: online casino

Company: Lock Casino

Location: NL

URL: http://www.lockcasino.com/

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LOSING AT LOCK......www.lockcasino.com

The Players Advocate

I don't know if Lock Casino will be "locking" its doors or not, we hear that it will be soon.

Rumbles of problems with payment processors and too much too soon going into Lock Poker are reasons we have heard.

What we do know is that this player deposited over 2300.00 and never had a winning session. Either couldn't make it past the play through requirements or deposited without any requirements and couldn't get any action at all......

The play was so bad that in the end this player must have played at least 600.00 in pure " losers " bonus. Here again, not a single run of luck at anytime. Bonus after bonus after bonus after bonus....six to eight times........and not a thing, not a single hint or tease of anything remotely like a win!

Now I might have thought I'd been put in the " practice " casino with all the bonus money, except in the " practice " casino, they let you win.....

Maybe there is a seperate casino you play the bonus money in. Though to a player who is complaining they cannot win, has never cashed out, to play six or eight consecutive times and never be able to get above the initial starting amount........well, it does not go far in proving that there was a problem with winning in Lock Casino. In fact, it only proved to verify that a win was not possible.

It appears this might have all occurred while this player was oblivious to the problems at hand. Not a good time to be trying to recoup or have your first win when a casino is in " trouble ". But if this is an example of how the casino's can control and manipulate the winnings and pay outs, it is a sure sign we need some intervention on the players behalf to protect them.

The most disturbing thing I have learned in the past couple of weeks from sources " within ", is that these online casinos can not only pay their way into the ratings at many of the biggest forums BUT ALSO that there are affiliates and employees who register within these forums and post about winning, great pay outs, fast pay outs etc. How stupid are we????

So while many of us are wondering how we could be so unlucky when we are seeing players say they have won and been paid.....it is all very likely that in fact, no one is winning........and we are all thinking the same, if we keep trying, we can get lucky too.......perhaps luck has nothing to do with it at all with many of these online casinos. And as " truth " comes to surface, many more of them will be closing soon.

The Players Advocate


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