Facbook - Facebook baits users to get their accounts disabled.

Posted on Thursday, August 12th, 2010 at 3:33pm CDT by 64861760

Product: Facebook

Company: Facbook

Location: 1601 S California Ave
Palo Alto, CA, 94301, US

URL: http://facebook.com/

Category: Other

Facebook has disabled my account giving a specific reason. In multiple emails they have given no specific reason as to what I have done wrong. they did not state which specific incident, prompted by account being disabled. I cannot be of fault for not following rules, where the specifics are no where to be found. Facebook also baits users to get their account disabled by encouraging actions that will get their accounts disabled. Their warning system is not functional,because just the mere fact that a warning message has been displayed can be a reason for a user's account becoming disabled. Facebook gives no specific rules( limits on friend requests, posts and comments per day) which users can not help being confused.

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Clone A., 2013-07-08, 06:50AM CDT

Facebook administration please enable my facebook account,this account is my life.I have many friends with which I'm able to contact only by facebook! facebook is my life and if my account is disabled,so am I too.please it would be my golden pleasure if you enable my facebook account name is Clone Ardales

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