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I must relay an entire series of events which I consider to be disturbing. I feel appropriate actions must be taken to rectify this situation.

I applied for a secured credit card on July 22nd and was approved. I electronically transferred $2000.00 from my savings account to your bank as a deposit. I then called to make sure the funds were received. I was informed they were.

About a week later I received a telephone call from the fraud department informing me that I needed to call Capital. When I called I was told I needed to submit a savings account statement. I ended up speaking with a supervisor because the customer service representative didn't explain this properly. The statement needed to include my name, address, and account number. This was to prevent fraud which it seems is a huge problem for you with these secured cards (I was told this). My bank doesn't freely give out this information so I agreed to send the statement. I was told to fax the document. I asked the supervisor what the fax number was and waited at least 4 minutes (glanced at clock) for her to find the number. I told her while she was looking to give me the physical address. No answer. Keep in mind, you contacted me. I called and the supervisor can't even give me a number for what you required for at least 4 minutes. I called my banker and requested this be sent immediately. He told me it would be done within the hour. Another week passed. Still no card. I called Capital to find out the status. I was told the fax wasn't there and maybe it was delayed in the Caribbean (I didn't know you sent jobs there) and you should have it soon. I finally got my card in the mail but was unable to activate the card. I called again and was told by a CSR that there was no fax. So I spoke to a supervisor (Alfred?) who told me the fax had arrived. He verified this twice and said everything would be fine this week and he would make sure of it.

So yesterday, I received another letter but I was going to call anyway as 14 business days had passed. I was told by a supervisor that no fax had been received. I asked to speak to an account manager because I was concerned since I was assured it was in your possession. I was frustrated and decided to just do business elsewhere and explained my problem to the account manager. Rather than trying to keep my business, he (David) said he would connect me with someone who would help me cancel. I was on hold for 25 minutes. By the way, these delays are constant and I was disconnected three separate times. I started leaving my phone number early on in case this happened. I finally hung up because I couldn't wait any longer at that moment. I called later and was told by a CSR that the card had been cancelled. I was surprised and spoke with another supervisor and asked if I would receive some sort of e-mail explaining the terms of the refund (when , where, etc). She said no but I would get a letter sometime later. Her name was Ashley. I asked to speak with an account manager to confirm this and request something in writing to verify the refund. After all, I got one when I sent the money so it seemed practical there would be some details available. She was very nice. Her name was Koren. She told me that you don't lose paper and I just needed to send the fax again. Or I could go ahead and cancel. This process seems to be confusing to everyone but me. I sent $2,000 of my money to use and I want it back since you lost the fax and no end is in sight. So, she told me that this was a new product (a secured card) that was being introduced again and there was much fraud and she didn't know the details of canceling.

She then told me she needed to check with the products division. She had me connected to a man named Calvin. I thought he was a supervisor. He explained that it would be two billing periods (2) before I would get my money back. So basically I am not able to use this money for security deposit elsewhere or anything for that matter. So then, after finding out it would be two billing periods, I decided that I would just send another fax. He replied that it was "too late" and that the refund was already in progress. I'm not sure this is true because we're talking minutes here and it takes 2 billing periods to get the money. The purpose of this waiting period I thought was to make sure no other charges appear on the card. I Never had an active account at all because I couldn't activate my card so how could this apply to me at all? I told him I thought this was silly and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was disconnected (what a shock). I called Koren again and with my phone dying (was on the phone 4 1/2 hours) asked her if this was true. She said it was policy but she had the authority to open my account if in fact it was closed. She showed it open contrary to Calvin. So I chose that option for now. I'll send another fax and yes, you do lose paper, maybe faxing and investigating from the Caribbean to here.

But I must tell you, this is still problematic and you can expect the worst possible outcome. This is a horrible example of customer service. I'm sure you've heard the theory that if a person is satisfied with something, they may tell 3 people; but if not, they will tell 10 people. This will be the case and that's the good part as far as you are concerned. Thanks for your time.


William M. Callahan


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