Air France / KLM Bonus Miles Expiration

Posted on Thursday, August 12th, 2010 at 2:56am CDT by 29daab2f

Product: Air France / KLM Flying Blue

Company: Not Available

Location: FR

Category: Other

Air France / KLM have changed the validity period of bonus miles from 36 to 20 months without notification.

I did not receive any email, SMS or phone call for this subject. That's why I thought I had enough time to use them. But when I tried to do so some months ago, I saw I had no bonus miles in my account. Very surprising.

I asked for a correction, but they refused it. Not sure what was the reason.

I dont trust those two companies anymore.And I am not going to fly with either Air France or KLM.

I would like to warn people to think twice before use them.

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