AIMCO/ Riverside - Terrible Experience with AIMCO Apartments

Posted on Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 at 5:37pm CDT by 7977e951

Product: Riverside in Alexandria, Virginia

Company: AIMCO/ Riverside

Location: Alexandria, VA, 22303, US

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I lived at Riverside Apartments in Alexandria, VA (owned by AIMCO) for several months and I just want to caution everyone that it is a disastrous place to live. Here are just some of the issues I encountered during my time there:

Rampant and constant maintenance issues. Elevators stopped and stuck every time power goes out, which is often (approx. 2x month). People stuck in elevators screaming and banging on the door to be let out. No maintenance personnel on site on Sundays. Firefighters have to be called to pull you out of the elevator if you get stuck on a Sunday. Disabled and elderly people forced to spend night in laundry room because they can't walk upstairs to their apartment.

A faulty A/C unit in the bedroom leaked and destroyed my mattress 3 months ago. Had to sleep on the floor till I moved out (still don't have one). Put in an insurance claim with AIMCO's liability insurance carrier, followed up with calls several times and still haven't heard anything. Not holding my breath that I ever will.

While the mattress issue was going on, I received several calls and messages from the leasing office saying "You must submit two photos of your cat for the file." The cat pics were WAY more important to them than reimbursing me for my ruined mattress.

Maintenance Manager Jimmie Frierson is surly, unprofessional and a very weak manager. His attitude about my mattress situation was abominable, really bottom of the barrel customer service. Maintenance is always days behind on fixing issues. When I moved in, there was a problem with the hot water in the shower. It took them 4 days to resolve it. I went to work with dirty hair for days and THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS. They have to call in outside contractors for EVERYTHING - elevators, plumbing, cleaning, painting, security - which adds delays and I'm sure cost which gets passed on in higher rent.

Leasing agents tell you there is 24x7 maintenance on site. FALSE! Minimal to no maintenance presence after 5 and on weekends. You call the after hours line and you just get a rude answering service. Even during weekdays, if they're having a maintenance issue such as elevators not working and many people are calling, maintenance will turn their phone off and leave you to talk to an uncaring and surly answering service.

Towers 2 and 3 DO NOT HAVE A SPRINKLER SYSTEM INSTALLED. Only the renovated, more expensive Tower 1 has sprinklers. When leasing agents show you around, they tell you all about Tower 1's wooden floors, marble countertops, the business center, the free coffee, etc. They do not tell you that if you prefer the security of having lifesaving fire safety equipment installed where you may happen to live on the 10th or 15th floor, you have to pay more in rent. I consider this to be fraud. There are many families with young children and disabled people living there who probably have no idea there are no sprinklers. The U.S. Fire Administration recommends that all residences, even those that are one story tall, have sprinklers installed. AIMCO does not disclose this crucial fact unless you happen to think to ask about it.

Laundry room was recently cleaned, but remained filthy with lots of broken machines for months. Disgruntled tenants put up signs in the laundry room urging all tenants to protest the conditions of the laundry room. It shouldn't have to get to that before changes are made.

There is much more I could say, but I think my point has been made. I would like to conclude by saying a few words about the staff in the management office. They are characterized principally by an uncaring, officious manner coupled with (in some cases) aggressively low intelligence. It amazes me that people with these kinds of deficiencies are allowed to run a building complex. They're either dim bulbs or absolutely robotic and unfriendly. They do not go out of their way to assist, they do not sympathize, they do not think or act outside the rules that are prescribed for them. To them, tenants are not customers, they are annoyances. Kelvin Nickens, Boris Sigwalt, Debra Manchester, Tracey Jones -- a truly unpleasant and frustrating group. Rene Trudeau is the only one who exhibited humanity, but again he is completely unempowered to do anything to help tenants - it's just the way things are run there.

I will never, ever again live in an AIMCO property, and I urge all to consider the above seriously before they do so.

Don't even bother to call AIMCO corporate headquarters in Colorado to get anything resolved. I tried that too when I became alarmed about the state of the elevators. This was a total waste of time. A week later I got a call from what sounded like a teenage kid, all he said was "the elevators are old and they get stuck, there's nothing we can do."

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Wilson D., 2014-02-24, 05:10PM CST

Well has only gotten worse. We now have a Management who is actually stealing from residents by forging documents and lying about procedures. The hot water has failed over 20 times since I was a resident at Riverside Alexandria. If anyone is considering renting there, then signing a lease would be the biggest mistake you will make this year! In addition, I have on good authority that Management does not perform adequate background checks and have hired registered sex offenders and child predators.

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