Four Seasons Trading Post - Four Seasons Trading Post does not fill its orders

Posted on Sunday, August 1st, 2010 at 10:21pm CDT by 539008e4

Product: Gas Fireplace Insert

Company: Four Seasons Trading Post

Location: 76A Newbury Street
Danvers, MA, 01923, US

Category: Other

During our first visit to Four Seasons Trading Post, after witnessing a customer angrily lodging a complaint about a product that was delivered in an unsatisfactory condition (they had purchased a brand new hot tub and received a used hot tub), we stupidly purchased something from the store anyway. We purchased a gas insert for our fireplace. All of the parts were to be delivered and installed within 3 weeks. It has now been more than two months. The parts that have come in were not delivered, but needed to be picked up at the store. There are several parts which we still do not have that we need for the gas insert to be fully functional, and we are also waiting for a custom ordered outside decorative frame and door unit. We have been VERY patient and VERY reasonable and have given Four Seasons Trading Post several inquiries and reminders, and ample time to supply the rest of the order. After several very civil phone calls, voice messages and emails, asking Four Seasons Trading Post to explain if there have been extenuating circumstances preventing completion of the order, the people at Four Seasons Trading Post REFUSE to communicate with us in any way, leading us to believe that they have no intention of completing the order. During our first visit when we heard the customer complaining, we should have trusted our instincts and done business elsewhere. I would NOT recommend doing business of any kind with Four Seasons Trading Post. As you would expect, the prices are almost too good to be true, and we have learned that you get what you pay for. We were very, very agreeable, and if there were extenuating circumstances we gave them several opportunities to explain, and this could have been handled amicably, but sadly there has been NO RESPONSE OF ANY KIND. Stick with a well-known reputable dealer when spending your money. And spread the word...Tell everyone you know that spending money at Four Seasons Trading Post is not worth the time or trouble, and have those people spread the word to everyone they know seeking out patio furniture, hot tubs, pool tables, smokers and stoves, gas inserts, etc.

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4ccdda5d, 2011-05-17, 06:09PM CDT

I had a horrible experience with this company. I tried to buy a swing set from them which was the model outside. They promised to have issues with it fixed before they delivered and set it up. This has been a frustrating three month process. Do not buy anything from them! PERIOD!!!!

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