Sun Life Financial Indonesia - Refuse to Pay Claim, Sun Life Financial argued

Posted on Thursday, April 8th, 2010 at 3:07am CDT by b51490c6

Product: Assurance

Company: Sun Life Financial Indonesia

Location: Jakarta, ID


Category: Other

I am very disappointed in the actions of Sun Life Financial Indonesia, which until now still has not fulfilled it's obligation to pay death claims for policy no 052960993, where the insured is my mother. SUN LIFE parties even argued that the policy death claim can not be made because my mother did take care in hospital TK II Putri Hijau Bukit Barisan, Medan and not informing the conditions at the time of submission of the policy.

Please note, my mother before & after asking SUN LIFE insurance policy is in good shape, never been hospitalized in the hospital, where on Nov 2009 ago died because of accidents fell in the bathroom.

On the date mentioned by SUN LIFE that my mother was in the hospital, I have photo evidence that I and my mother was attending a reception party. Even from the medical data that becomes an excuse refusal to pay claims by SUN LIFE, after I perform the inspection data directly to the hospital, I get the fact that people who hospitalized and considered as my mother by SUN LIFE, is still healthy and alive .

I strongly deplore the attitude of the SUN LIFE trying to avoid obligations to pay claim unprofessionally, and felt tricked by attitudes of SUN LIFE that complicated, even convoluted when asked SUN LIFE's reason rejected the claim.

Through these letters, I expect SUN LIFE to be able to immediately solve my problems.

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63695ab4, 2010-07-14, 04:36PM CDT

I hear ya. I am also having serious problems with Sunlife refusing to pay.

It's amazing how we can pay into this company for years and they take our money every week but scam us when we use such benefits.

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