Canadian Institute of Orthopaedics Inc. - Kamille Ramsundar, of CIO, bad experience

Posted on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 at 2:38pm CDT by ed04d570

Product: Knee Brace

Company: Canadian Institute of Orthopaedics Inc.

Location: 2100 Ellesmere Rd. Suite 305
Scarborough, On, M1H 3B7, CA


Category: Other

On Sept 8, 2005 I purchased a knee brace for $1875 from Mr. Kamille Ramsundar of the Canadian Institute of Orthopaedics Inc.

On September 15, 2005 the order was duplicated for the amount of $1890. I phoned Mr. Ramsundar to inform him to have one of the charges reversed. He told me it would be reversed. The reversal was not done, and every time I contacted Mr. Ramsundar he told me it would be done. After 5 months, I decided enough time had passed. Mr. Ramsundar then told me he was having financial problems, and if I could wait a few months for his financial situation to correct itself. I decided to wait.

After several months of nothing, I decided to use Small Claims Court, claim number SC-07-00046736-0000. After getting a judgment, I went to the Sheriffs dept for them to collect the funds. The sheriff collected 2 cheques, the cheques went NSF. I used the sheriffs dept again, and the sheriff served a 2nd writ. I quote from the sheriffs notes; The cheque dated Aug 15/07 was returned to court NSF. Second cheque not put through. Re: attended at above address + informed Mr. Ramsundar a certified cheque for full amount was required. He made many promises to give a certified cheque, however, as of this date had not done so. There were no cheques or cash on hand at the time of our attendances. We are returning this writ as we require further direction.

At a later date I received 2 cheques 1 for $1500, 2nd for the remainder. The 2nd cheque was NSF. Because 1 cheque went through, I gave him more time. In January 2008, Mr. Ramsundar wrote several cheques for the amount over 6 months. The cheques came back NSF.

Mr. Ramsundar was called to court several times but refused to show up. By this time I realized Mr. Ramsundar knew how to exploit the system.

Mr. Ramsundar is not a Doctor. I tried to go through the College of Physicians of Ontario, to write a complaint against Mr. Ramsundar; however, it seems Mr. Ramsundar is not a registered doctor with them.

I was told in February the outstanding amount of $1423.00 would be paid by a trust lawyer. As of April 5th I am still owed the funds, and to add insult to injury, I have never received my knee brace.

I am now writing this complaint, so that others will not have to go thorough this frustrating process.


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