Institute of Advanced Medical Esthestics - Esthestican School a Scam

Posted on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 at 7:49pm CDT by ff73a124

Product: Spa/School

Company: Institute of Advanced Medical Esthestics

Location: 8527 Mayland Drive #108
Richmond, VA, 23294, US


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I was a student who attended the Institute of Advanced Medical Esthestics and was fortunate enough to actually graduate. The woman who runs the school and also responsible for some of the new laws in VA preys on young girls in order to fill her own pockets. I watched students be thrown out for NO legit reason and other students FAILED in order to make them repay for certain test requirements. Let me give you only a few examples of what I witnessed while I was a student there.

- the instructor (laura todd) told everyone of a students private medical condition so that we (yes the students) could decide if she should be allowed to continue school there.

- the instructor took clients I had 'booked' to give to other students and gave me a failing grade for not having a backup. (I had 10 min notice)

- The students were often asked to sign 'confidential agreements' and asked on more than one occasion to give out personal information on themselves and other students.

- Threats and bullying used against students.

- False claims of knowledge acquired. Unless you count a couple paragraphs in a book a lesson in esthetics. Those lessons can be learned via google for free!

- Job placement is total BS! You may get a recommendation letter but that doesn't mean a phone call wont be made from the school to keep you from getting a job.

I could go on and on with the problems that go on at this school that I have personally seen and that friends have complained about. I have been on several job interviews and I am often embarrassed when they mention the school I attended. The usual phrase I have heard is, "wow, how was That experience." No one wants to bad mouth the place they received their education but I have found since working in the industry that many names and associations with this school are often mocked flat out or started then held back because of threats to lawsuits.

So, in my humble opinion, as a graduate who saw things I cant leave on this site due to "confidentiality agreements" (I was basically forced into signing) I will tell you now all this info posted above is um, false. I can only legally tell you that I would rather saw my Toe off or even listen to mmmbop on repeat for a entire year than to have ANY association with this school.


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f56b5dfd, 2010-04-08, 10:19AM CDT

Because I watched you go through this experience, and I am under no confidentiality agreement, everything you said is true and oh so much more. This place should be shut down and the board should pay attention to complaints and move on them. Higher education, this is not. However, the owner, knows just how to manipulate the system. Be assured, what goes around comes around, of that I am sure.

a7847fa8, 2012-02-21, 11:41PM CST

Would u ever testify against her

educated student I., 2014-07-12, 01:24PM CDT

Laura Todd accompanied by two of her attorneys from Troutman Saunders Law Firm went before the DPOR Board on May 12 2014 during a public, open meeting for a consent order which a formal disciplinary action after completion of an investigation by DPOR investigators Amy Chappell and Randy Brooks. There was sufficient evidence that Laura Todd/IAME was found to be in violation of several items. A consent order was signed by Laura Todd and it was voted on by the DPOR Board to accept it. The vote was in favor of the consent order, she was in violation of all the items in the consent order. Laura Todd's attorneys did use the 5 minutes allowed to request the consent order be thrown out, finding her not guilty. Attorneys requests obviously not considered and Laura Todd did not speak on her behalf.

To view the full consent order which is public and posted on the internet by googling keywords it can be found. Or copy and paste this link. Also you can go on DPOR of Virginia website going to "Townhall Meeting"

Educated I., 2014-08-22, 10:53AM CDT

On August 11, 2014, American Spirit Institute (a skin care school located in Richmond & Williamsburg Virginia) was on the Virginia Board of Cosmetology agenda for failing to teach in accordance with the board approved curriculum.

The DPOR investigators found that American Spirit Institute has only been providing students with 300 hours of instruction, not the required 600 hours.

American Spirit Institute was found in violation and found that it failed to teach in accordance with the board approved curriculum.

Richard A. Sells, the President of American Spirit Institute admitted to the violation of failing to teach in accordance with the board approved curriculum. Richard A. Sells. President of American Spirit Institute did not appear before the board nor did anyone appear on their behalf. Richard A. Sells. President of American Spirit Institute was ordered to pay a $1400.00 fine for violation 18 VAC 41-70-280.A 2.

What will happen to all of the graduates & current students who did not receive 300 hours of the required 600 hours, required by law.

American Spirit Institute admitted to violating the law by only offering 300 hours instead of the required 600. see this page:

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