TrafficBoosterPro - Complaint Against James Saunders

Posted on Monday, April 5th, 2010 at 1:39pm CDT by 7857d7ec

Product: TrafficBoosterPro

Company: TrafficBoosterPro

Location: P.O. BOX 13
Korinthos, Gr, 20100 GR, GR


Category: Other

The seller continues to falsely advertise certain features available with the purchase of his product such as keywords and help or assistance by means of forum, chat, phone, etc. However I was unable to get assistance or questions answered even after registering in the forum and sending tickets to customer service. The seller deactivated the software and accused me of trying to steal his software. I am a lay person and was simply trying to understand what the problem was with the keyword feature. Only after I requested a refund through Paypal did the company or seller respond. I also was not able to get a refund through Paypal. The seller only has a 5 day refund policy and states he has the right to change the features without notice. I am not sure if this means totally exclude features but for a certain his website is very misleading to people such as myself to think he includes all features with their purchase. I feel other people should be warned before purchasing this software from this particular seller. If they are not experts installing software properly or quickly it is probably best not to purchase from this website. Thank you.

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7857d7ec, 2010-04-25, 01:02PM CDT

In addition, the seller also has in tos that if you ask for refund he has the right to deactivate software where you can no longer use it. Therefore he takes your money and you get nothing. Because of deactivation I was unable to finish installing software to see if it would actually work.

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