Burger King - What happened to Have it your way?

Posted on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 at 11:12am CDT by 1cc7cb16

Product: Extra charge for sauce

Company: Burger King

Location: Richland, Wa, 99352, US

URL: http://www.bk.com/

Category: Other

Not sure how far this will go. Just want my two cents heard in the matter. I'm sure if Burger King really cared what I have to say they would have some form of complaints department available or a place for comments and suggestions on they're website.

I frequent the BK in Richland, Wa on George Washington Way for lunch once or twice a week. I like the staff, Manager and quick service. But, I don't agree with a new policy posted at the counter and wanted to know if this was something the franchise did on they're own or something initiated by BK Inc. I placed my order as usual. I get the Whopper w/cheese value meal. Order arrives and I ask for honey mustard for my fries as I always do and was told that If I want something other than Ketchup it was .20 per container. I thought this to be odd. Now, if there was a limit on how many I could have and extra would cost an additional 20 cents, I would understand such a policy. But, this isn't the case. I asked the clerk why have it available if your going to charge extra for it or at least let them know when they order so they don't have to get back in line to pay for it. She said, you can have it when you BUY CHICKEN PRODUCTS, but have to PAY FOR IT when you want it for HAMBURGERS or FRIES. Makes no sense to me as a consumer. I paid 7.49 (tax included) for a meal and have been trained in the past that I could have one or two of any sauce I choose with that meal. Didn't matter if it was ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, ect... Anyway, if that's the case I will go to the Wendy's across the street and buy my lunch there because I can get honey mustard with my fries and not get charged extra. I know it's only .20 cents but, I don't think that it's the right way to do business. It inconveniences the customer and puts a negative impression in the consumers mind instead of creating a value for the customer. Raise the price on the value meal .20 cents instead. This way you get that extra change so you can afford to give away that "special sauce" and it doesn't inconvenience the customer or make them feel cheated over a freaking cup of sauce.


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