Pizza Hut - You must have picked the pepperonis off

Posted on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 at 5:56pm CDT by 4225d376

Product: Pepperoni, pepper, olive and pineapple pizza

Company: Pizza Hut

Location: Poplar Bluff, Mi, 63901, US


Category: Other

I used the online service to design my own pizza. The entire pizza was pepperoni and one half was also pineapple and the other was also peppers and olives.

The pizza showed up promptly like it usually does, and I selected a piece of my half, the pineapple half, and ate an entire piece before realizing, Huh, there's no pepperoni on this.

My fiance tried a piece of his half, and again found no pepperoni. I'm not nitpicky or anything, all I wanted was pepperoni on my pizza, so we called Pizza Hut and informed them of this problem. The manager assured us he had watched the pizza made and that there was pepperoni on it, it was underneath the cheese. Considering this a possibility, we hung up and lifted up the cheese to see. We found one piece of pepperoni on our now demolished pizza, so we called back. This time a young man answered, not the manager, and when told that the pizza he had made had no pepperoni on it, hung up on us. We drove to Pizza Hut, angry at this point, and showed them the pizza.

The same man who had been rude on the phone came to the counter and told us that we "must have picked off the pepperoni." I told him that his manager told us to check under the cheese for it, and to go get his manager because we did not want to speak with him.

We eventually got the right pizza.

Then we called the 1800 headquarters number for Pizza Hut explaining what had happened and they promised to get back to us, and they never did.

Messed up pizza order, terrible service. How hard is it to apologize and offer a replacement pizza? All i wanted was pepperoni with my pineapple.

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5f8a2c18, 2010-04-18, 09:46PM CDT

First off I'd like to say that food is my uplifter for a bad day.. Well two days ago I had a similar experience with pizza hut but it wasnt an online order in was in the store itself..It was a hard day the day I entered pizza hut with my husband and all I was looking forward to was pineapple on my pizza I had my heart set on this wen I went in I figured it would complete my horrible day and make it better cuz food usually does..

We waited for our food like anyone would wen it arrived it had no pineapple on my half of the pizza. I was seriously heart broken I relly thought god was making a joke to end my horrible day. I started boo-hooing at the table to my hubby and he decided to tell the waitress what had happend even after i told him not to cuz me bein paranoid that they would spit in my food cuz of the demeanor of this waitress and not knowing the cook myself...

He told her what happend and took $5 dollars off the order but by then it was to late to fix I really had my heart set on this and cried the whole way home and still hungry...

i surfed this website in hopes of finding someone who felt the same way i did about pizza hut...

Im glad im not the only one who feels pizza hut has shi**y service. i wont be eating there ever again...

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