Market Movers Trading - Market Mover Trading

Posted on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 at 1:25pm CDT by 0c9f7bdb

Product: Market Mover Trading Program

Company: Market Movers Trading

Location: 155 North 400 West Ste 135
Salt Lake City, Ut, 84103, US


Category: Other

Market Mover Trading is exploiting new traders ignorance by selling software and resistance lines that are said to be proprietary. They are not. There so called $30,000 economic calendar announcements are free all over the web. Just ??Google?? economic calendar. Then for $150 they draw simple support and resistance lines and don't even tell you which direction to trade just an amount. Jason M. Anderson and Sean Larsgard have found another way to take money from people offering public information BUT selling it like it is not! Why don't they just create an educational class. No gimmicks. No lies. This new network market approach they created is simply a ponzi scheme. Traders with no records signing up other individuals they created a business that will grow regardless of substance.


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