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Posted on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 at 3:28pm CDT by 7a510725

Company: Burger King

Location: 1300 Chili Avenue
Rochester, NY, 14624, US

URL: http://bk.com/

Category: Other

I was at Burger King today and they made all sorts of mistakes. First, I ordered and then was advised to "pull ahead for my total" - when I got to the window that girl was angry because she told me to "hold on for my total." When I said I was sorry and misunderstood her she just rolled her eyes and asked "was that sandwich on a muffin or roll."

After she finished my order - she took my money. When handing back the change she told me "I am short a penny - sorry." After this - she just closed the window and walked away. After returning with my order I told her I wanted all my change and if she was unable to give 4 cents - I would return the pennies and take a nickel. She told me - sir I cannot do that because my drawer would be short.

Since it was only a penny - and clearly she was going to fight for it - I just dropped that issue and asked her why I was charged for medium hash browns and coffee when I ordered large. She told me that medium is the largest size for those items. I looked at her with a funny look on my face, since it made NO sense, and she asked "anything else sir - there are people waiting."

After that experience - and the fact that two weeks prior I went to the same location to get a sausage muffin and they advised they were out of sausage at 8am. The manager then offered up blame on the cook rather than just apologizing for the error and trying to find me something that they could make. I think I will just us McDonalds when I have to get fast food - they are MUCH friendlier and seem to have concern for the customer experience. Plus, their food travels well where Burger Kind food is impossible to each while driving.


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