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Posted on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 at 11:39am CDT by 146d77af

Product: Multifunction Printer - ImageClass MF3240

Company: CANON USA

Location: Canon I. T. S., Inc. Canon Customer Relations PO Box 2338 Chesapeake VA 23327
Chesapeake, VA, 23327, US


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I brought a Canon Multifunction printer on Dec 2010. Only in 4 months, the printer stopped working due to a paper jam. After I called their tech support, they tried to troubleshoot the problem on the phone, and finally stated that the printer needed repairs. I was presented 2 options

a. Take the printer to the nearest canon service center, where they will fix it.

b. Replace the printer with a refurbished one.

Since my printer was only 4 months old and it was supposed to be a simple paper jam, I told the call center rep. that I prefer the first option, wherein he gave me the address of a local Canon authorized service center in New York.

I gave the printer to the Canon authorized service center, who got back to me after a few days stating that I should take the printer back and they 'cannot fix the printer'. I had already spent $25 hauling the 30 lbs printer in a cab from 95th street to 38th street.

I called Canon back the second time, who confirmed that the printer was within warranty, but don't know why the service center would not fix it and rather asked me to "sort it out with the service center".

I called Canon back the third time, and this time the call center rep. responded that they had made a mistake. They thought the printer in warranty, but the previous representative thought it was not, so I was sent to a authorized service center. Didn't make sense to me.

Subsequently, she offered me a replacement refurbismed printer, but asked me to "get the printer back from their service center" and courier it to Canon. I requested with her that the malfunctioned printer is lying at their service center, so they should deal with getting it back from there to where-ever, since I should not be the courier service between Canon and Canon service centers.

The call center representative declined, and now I am stuck with having to arrange picking up the printer from a Canon service center (they sent me to in the first place) and ship it to Canon.

Under their warranty terms:-

"If shipping is involved, it is your responsibility to properly package and send the Product (at your cost) to the ASF, together with your dated proof of purchase and a complete explanation of the problem. A Product covered by this limited warranty will be repaired and returned to you without charge by the ASF."

a. It does not mention that their Authorized Service Facility (ASF) can deny coverage

b. And That I am thereby responsible for collecting the product from them which is still under warranty at my own cost.

What I am hoping for -

a. I get a replacement printer. It should not be refurbished as that could be much older than my 4 month old printer.

b. Canon should arrange with their service center for sending the malfunctioned printer back to whichever Canon center they would want it to. i.e. I do not want to be the courier-person to pick up the printer from Canon to ship it to Canon.

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fd174205, 2010-04-30, 03:36PM CDT

Dear Valued Customer,

Please accept my most sincere apology regarding your experience with your Canon Multifunction Printer. I would like to offer my assistance in resolving your concerns. Unfortunately, your contact information was not supplied with your complaint. Can you please email [email protected] with your name, address, telephone number and email address along with the model and serial number of your printer. Once your information is received, I will assign your concerns to a member of the Canon Customer Relations Department for review. A Customer Advocate will contact you shortly there after to address your concerns and offer options for resolving them.

We look forward to your response.




Canon Customer Relations

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