First Data Merchant Services - Fraud Federal Crime

Posted on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 at 10:06pm CDT by 854604ed

Product: Credit Card Merchant service

Company: First Data Merchant Services

Location: 1307 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY, 11747, US


Category: Other

Keith Moss was the Security person who closed our account sent us a letter stating they are holding 20, 000.00 in reserve for 6 months and to contact him in 3 moths to get the funds released- he does not return phone calls!

FDMS First Data Merchant Services and Yahoo e commerce Scam-Fraud

I have a yahoo internet business, Yahoo only allows FDMS First Data Merchant Services as there platform for there shopping carts on there stores, I have been open for 3 years my sales have doubled- in July 2009 I checked my bank account and was not receiving my deposits I contacted First Data and they stated since my volume has gone up I am higher risk, so they would take 10% out of each of my batches until 10, 000.00 was in a reserve. Then in Jan 2010 was again contacted due to my 5% dispute rating (this dispute is not averaged by closed or won disputes, but by disputes opened- internet business are Higher risk, people dispute if they do not receive there product in 2 weeks even if the tracking shows it is on its way and the website states it can take up to 3 weeks to receive the merchandise and every product on the site state"2-3 business days for the handling time"- so I was then told I had to write out a plan to lower my disputes and they would be once again taking 10% out of my batches till another $10, 000.00 so a total of 20, 000.00 would be in reserve. March 2010 after they had the $20, 000.00 they stopped funding me again and gave me a week to find a new cc processor and told me they will hold the $20, 000.00 for 6 months from the last day I processed threw them. I formed a corporation and open a new account under the corporation- I was just told that they will not be funding me again and they are closing that account because of my previous account that was under my personal ss #- they are holding over another $10, 000.00 of mine. This is now a total of $30, 000.00 which is double the amount required to start a federal lawsuit- I then started doing some internet searches on first data and found several other people who experience this same issue and still have not received a dime back of the money first data is holding. Yahoo only allows there online ecommerce businesses to use a processor that is first data merchant services compatible so I am stuck and feel helpless as so many other people that have been scammed the same from First Data Merchant Services FDMS who there security department who makes these decisions is in Melville New York- 631-683-6099 but when you call no one answers they promise a call back with in 24 hours - they call you back in that time frame to notify you they are holding funds and canceling your service- but not when you are trying to get your money back- it has been 2 days I have left 6 messages and no return call- my next phone call is to a attorney to start Federal proceedings- This is one of the reasons the economy is the way it is- I have had to let 2 employees go due to this loss of income, and if this continues I will have to close my business and file bankruptcy these corporations tied to the banking system and credit card industry need to be stopped and our government is not doing a thing or passing any new laws to stop this- The middle class will no longer be in existence as long as company's and there "sister company's" like First data Merchant services are allowed to destroy and take advantage of the hard working middle class business and people. They need to be stopped!


935a4d02, 2010-09-16, 09:15PM CDT

I have had problems where with a merchants site where the merchant would do an auth then an auth+settle so you would have to have twice the actual purchase price to make a purchase. Is this a common issue with yahoo+bmo/fmds setup? Those funds must be held somewhere, if it's with the processor(FDMS) I'm assuming they get interest on that held amount and that's not right. The auth does expire after two weeks and you only end up paying the purchase price but I don't believe this is a proper practice.

a324d65c, 2010-12-16, 06:52PM CST

The exact same thing has happen to me concerning First Data. i am filing a civil lawsuit.

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