Samsung - Samsung phones are pathetic

Posted on Monday, April 26th, 2010 at 9:50pm CDT by 2cf154a9

Product: Samsung Finnesse

Company: Samsung

Location: US


Category: Other

My wife bought a Samsung finnesse touch screen phone for 370.00 bucks from Metro PC. Within 60 days the screen stopped working and it had to be sent off for repair by Samsung. They fixed it and returned it. Now after 8 months of use, the phone stopped charging. Samsung refused to fix the phone saying it was abused. This phone has been babied, there is no way it has been abused. For a phone that costs 370 bucks the thing sure is a lot of trouble. Samsung has tried to keep up with the I-Phone and has failed miserably. Anyone know how to challenge Samsung and get them to do the right thing?


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