Metrocast of New Hampshire - Metrocast of Rochester, NH and the MAFIA

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Company: Metrocast of New Hampshire

Location: Metrocast Cablevision 21 Jarvis Avenue Rochester, NH 03868-8800
rochester,nh, ca, 03868-8800, US


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In December, 2009 I signed up for cable services (1st time ever). In February, 2009, I CANCELLED the services due to METROCAST's horrible programming!!!

I called to CANCEL, after spending several minutes on the phone to determine a termination date from their end, the service was CANCELLED. The equipment was removed in new condition, by their technician.

I was told by METROCAST that I had a ZERO balance on the account, due to MC backdating the CANCELLATION because of all the letters I had written previously to complain about their horrible programming.

I thought I was done with MC, but oh no!!! They sent me another bill for $41.00...and told me to pay it. I called them and I wrote them. NO RESPONSE from Metro cast.

I did not pay it. METROCAST then sent me into collections. I called again.

I spoke to Tammy the Supervisor. She told me that if I paid the $41.00, that day (APril 3rd) that she would prevent the account from going into collections. I paid the $41.00 that I was already told I did not owe, that very day.

Guess what??? On April 5, I recevied a COLLECTION NOTICE from some collection agency for another $41.00 on behalf of MetroCast!!

I called them again, only to be screamed at by the next Supervisor.

I have filed a formal complaint against MetroCast, already. MC, lies to customers. The customer service people have no idea what they are doing, they push more and more channels on the consumer and bring nothing to the table. They say that they have cleared out accounts and Cancelled the services when they have not. They file Charge-Offs without the slightest provocation and ruin peoples lives over tv shows....

They finally removed my account out of charge off because I paid them, but I had been told by one of their dolts in customer service, that I had a ZERO balance......which is why I did not pay. This company is like joining the MAFIA, they will NOT let you out.

Consumers, be very, very afraid!!! They will not let you out of ttheir services without paying very,very dearly!!!


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f8266a51, 2011-09-20, 08:42AM CDT

We had metrocast for years, when Verizon Wireless cam out with there new Home phone service for less money I jumped on it quick. Metrocast did not want to let go of the number but finally did. that was on the 9th, our next bill still showed a full month (in advance) with the home phone service and no credit for the part of the old month that we didn't have it. Two months later and a disconnect for "non-payment"(I will not pay for something I did not have). Even though they record the phone calls to the customer service center they don't care and will only listen to what they want to on the tape. ANSWER: Record the call your self. You can do that as they say this call maybe recorded for quality and training purposes. Then you have a copy of the tape as well.

3e3fbdaf, 2012-10-06, 07:27PM CDT

I've had cable for more than 20 years,started when it was Lakes Region Cable and now it's Metrocast Cablevision.I have expanded basic which is nothing but infomercials and repeats for $67 a month. I have seen every episode of every program over and over and over.Then they give us ME TV which was great except for the fact that after 10 pm all you got was infomercials and now they have taken ME TV away !! Why ? I looked forward to watching it every saturday evening.No more Lost in Space no more Star Trek and never got to watch the shows that aired after 10 pm.That really bummed me out,now there is nothing to watch on saturday night.It's not fair to charge $67 a month and take programming away.If it wasn't for the fact that you need cable to even watch tv I would cancel in a heartbeat !!!

e6bb1548, 2014-03-26, 10:13AM CDT

metrocast cable A monopoly in Rochester nh has done away with mlbtv which also means I can not order the mlb extra innings package, so no baseball this year, in a big baseball region it seems a bit ludicris

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