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Posted on Monday, April 26th, 2010 at 4:21pm CDT by d3ed339d

Product: Shoes

Company: FootLocker Stores

Location: US

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FootLocker stores has a decept and undisclosed policy on returns and or exchanges! Please be wary and avoid buying shoes from this business if you cannot hold on to the "shoe box/es"...apparently the store will not take your purchase or exchange the shoes even if you have receipt and have returned to teh store in 3 days without ever having worn the shoes other than to try them on for size!

My daughter's Dad purchased shoes for my 4 yr on 4/22/10, which in my opinion were unsafe for an active 4 yr old child. To avoid her getting injured from tripping, I went to the store on 4/25/10, with the receipt, with the "price sticker" still on the shoes, my duaghter had only worn them to try them on for size,for a refund or an exchange...the store manager, said "there's nothing I can do for you!"...becasue I didn't have the "shoe box"! the return policy on the receipt doesn't say about bringing/retaining the "shoe box" for returns or exchanges! So they are not disclosing their policies honestly and are not really interested in "customer service"..I would recommend everyone to not buy products from these stores until they change their return/exchange policies or honestly display visible all the terms and conditions for returns and exchanges !


34bc0c3e, 2010-10-07, 11:43PM CDT

You have got to be kidding me. Do you really expect them to be able to take it back without the box? Without it, I highly doubt that they can scan the item back into the system or re-sell the shoes seeing as how there's no box for it! They're just supposed to take 2 shoes without the packaging, to do what with? Not your problem, you may think? I don't think that it's theirs, either. I can see a shirt or something, maybe a pair of pants. But shoes that come in a box, with the barcode, paper and all that? That's like buying a digital camera and just bringing it in saying, "Here you go, just take this back. Never mind that I don't have the receipt, box, charger or anything else to go with it." And then, if they do take the shoes back, what are they going to do with it? They cannot resell the item even if they used another box of the same shoe to scan it. It'd probably just sit, unsold until they get an audit or something and technically have a shoe missing. You get your money back when the product is brought back unused, generally the way it came. How can they possibly ring that up in the system?? If she only "just tried it on for size" then the box shouldn't have magically disappeared. Maybe you ought to use some common sense next time and that wouldn't happen to you.

3a7899a2, 2011-02-07, 08:11AM CST


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