Whirlpool - Wash machine LEMON

Posted on Sunday, April 25th, 2010 at 12:09pm CDT by 0484d3a0

Product: Whirlpool Sport Duet

Company: Whirlpool

Location: US

Category: Other

We bought this wash machine in March of 08. In August of 09 it quite working completely so I called the company and after 4 service calls they "fixed" it. However, it never would spin the water completely out of the clothes and here we are in April and it will not even operate again!! They are willing to send someone out again but we have to pay the labor. Btw - the first service guy we hired said he has never seen a machine this bad and wouldn't work on it. At what point do they admit something is a lemon and provide a new machine!!!

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0484d3a0, 2011-11-10, 05:51PM CST

Well....here are now Nov '11 and the machine has once again needed service..ugh!!!! The repair man came out and said the belt had broken which he said he has NEVER seen. So he went to the local retailer to purchase one and they said they do not have them b/c again...they never break. If this is not a lemon of a washer I don't know what you call it :( We have sunk so much money into this machine and the inconvience of not having a washing machine with a family of 6 is frustrating....really wish the company would have admitted to this being a lemon and replaced it for us. Doubtful I can ever trust this brand again.

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