ATW Bail Bonds - Randall Patton

Posted on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 at 2:34pm CDT by e2f80638

Company: ATW Bail Bonds

Location: 378 Riverfront
Dallas, Tx, 75207, US


Category: Other

I tried to post a bond thru atw bails bond on April 7 2010. I spoke with the manager named David. Since that day I have been calling and asking questions about the services I payed $600.00 for. On April 22 2010 (my daughters b day) I called thr office the two employees that were there we had words over the phone. They called me stupid and bitches and dummies. I not getting no money back its in there safe. I asked for there names and owners name to file a complaint and they refused to give me any information and keep hanging up the phone in my face when i called to ask a question. I called to speak to the owner at another location in Irving Tx and they would not help me. They told me they couldn't get in touch with the owner he comes and goes when he wants to and I need to call the office back that was so rude to me and talk to them because they donn't have the info in front of them. I suggested faxing the papers over to them and she said no I need to call David. I said I don't want to call David because I don't want to be talked to liked that again and she said sorry. So I said that I would file a complaint against this office and shre said ok. Now I have no names because they wouldn't give me any. The owners name is Randall Patton.


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