Fresh Market Utah - received a bill from grocery store?

Posted on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 at 11:26am CDT by b6369b3a

Product: grocery store

Company: Fresh Market Utah

Location: Provo, Ut, US


Category: Other

I had always enjoyed my experience at Fresh market ever since it opened in Provo. I like the freshness of the produce and meat for my restaurant which is also in Provo and also the friendliness of the staff. But I just had a very unpleasant experience lately. We received a letter ( in a personal size envelope) with everything written, appears to be very unprofessional. Opening up the letter,two slip of paper (the size of two business cars put together) fell out, one of them says balance due: 55.42, handwritten, nothing else. the other piece I recognized was the tax examption form I was given to filled out when I purchased meat for my restaurant on Jan.30, has my signiture on it,but the totally amt was 35.42. I was confused and alert because I didn't think your company will send such a unprofesional letter to customer and ask for some charge I already paid through debit card at purchase. so I called a friend of mine to get the restaurant ready and drove to the store located at center street. the manager on duty asked me what was the problem sounding like he was sleep talking, I showed him the letter, ready to tell him more, he interrupted me by saying :" talk to the bookkeeper" Then he went back into the room and never seen again.The bookkeeper Laurie came out of the room, looked at the two pieces of paper, says " yeah, you have to pay that" "excuse me?" I then showed them my bank statement clearly stating the debit card withdraw of the amount from the store. Laurie then said " Well, if you have already paid it, then you shouldn't receive this." "I knew I shouldn't before I came here, but I want to know why" I said, Laurie then start saying something about the coporate's transaction, I was deeply confused by all that, and finally I said : " what does that have to do with this, I filled this and signed it for tax examption for my restaurant!" "Oh!" "..." " Do you remember who your cashier was?" Am I suppose to remember every cashier's name, especially those from 3 months ago? " No." I said, " well... apparently he/she doesn't know what they were doing, sorry about that, we will further investigate more". So that's it... I took time from my restaurant, drive all the way to the store, just to get a answer from bookkeeper blaming one of your cashiers. I am very disappointed at the way you dealt with this situation. I understand all human being make mistakes, but I didn't feel respected and din't feel i was taken seriously. After all, I have never had any super market bill me for something I purchased 3 months ago before.


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