Betamax GmbH Co. KG

Posted on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 at 1:38am CDT by 31f77b88


Company: Betamax GmbH Co. KG

Location: Im Mediapark 8
Koln, GE, DE


Category: Other

I have 4 VOIP accounts from them on 21st Jan a friday morning i tried to login and after multiple tries i could not. i needed it so i tried my other a/c for one of my family her's was also not login in.i tried 3rd it didn't log even.

Fortunately i didn't login to the 4th one which was low in credit. The other three accounts has almost 30 euros each balance.

I made a complaint and the reply was tht it is technical problem and that i would be able to login l8r soon and this i should reinstall and use different computer etc etc.

I did that too..but nothing happened after multiple complaints to which i have no replies even, i still haven't got access to my 3 account and my 90 euros are stuck. There is nowhere to complaint too. The fourth id still work but has no credit anymore. all id;s are same name with 123 prefix and have same passwords and are associated to all my email id's only. i have access to all email id's also. but even after providing them all info they don't just reply.


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