WomenCertified (dba Medelia Inc & Women Certified) - WomenCertified (dba Medelia Inc & Women Certified) - Pirates of Intellectual Property, Opportunity Scam Artists and Charlatans

Posted on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 at 6:54pm CDT by cccb9fe1

Company: WomenCertified (dba Medelia Inc & Women Certified)

Location: 2029 taft st
Hollywood, FL, 33020, US

URL: http://www.womencertified.com/

Category: Other

Watch out for the charlatans that run WomenCertified.com (a division of Medelia, Inc)!!!

I am a former executive of the company and witnessed it from the inside out. When I challenged the couple that owns the business, they ran me out!

I was forewarned by many people, but similar to those before me, I was approached by them during a vulnerable time in my career and I was made many "fantastic" promises. Not only did they use me, while pirating my intellectual property, and spit me out (without warning or cause), but they proceeded to deprive me and my family of 5 the monies promised (both salary and commissions) during our hour of greatest need. I should not have been surprised that a multi-million dollar firm (over 9 years old) had not even 1 salesperson working for the company when I came on board. They have a track record of using people and "kicking them to the curb" - just ask the women who conceptualized and designed their online training methodology!

Be cautious of investing into this Ponzi scheme! They used my business plan and experience to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars of investors monies (even putting me on the phone with investors), only to turn around and reallocate the funds for personal and other unintended use. When I spoke up about it, they demoted me! There have been many investors before I came along, yet little to show but an overworked skeleton staff (3 people when I came on board) and hundreds of disappointed customers. New investment dollars are repeatedly sought after, to help fund the past failures and promises to prior investors.

They discriminate against males. Every male I brought on board was either fired by Delia or I was told to fire. When I was directed to terminate my top sales rep, Kyle, and refused, she demoted me again. She said, "This product needs to be sold by women and a woman needs to be running the sales force. Men should only be in supporting roles." When I told her that it was not only discriminatory, but a violation of their sales agreement, she terminated me within days.

The husband of founder, Delia Passi, is a bully and a cheat! Greg Smalter abuses employees verbally and has been caught several times trying to short change salespeople of what they are owed. Over 50% of the accounts sold were mismanaged financially by Greg (whose full time job is CFO), resulting in untimely payments, incorrect charges and more. Then, when he fails to charge the client according to the paperwork signed by the client, he penalized the salesperson, denying them commissions. It happened to my sales reps and it happened to me as well!

Be cautious of their promises. Most of what they promise is based on smoke and mirrors. Whether a prospective client, salesperson or investor, you are putting yourself at risk when you attach yourselves to these folks.

- Don't pay $.06-.08 per email that they mark up 3-4x as a reseller (you can get much cheaper directly from the supplier)

- Don't risk your familys financial future with a 9 year old company that has not sales employee over 6 months in tenure (they will find a way of avoiding their obligations to you, like they have to me and so many others)

- Don't invest your dollars with charlatans (they will misappropriate your funds, for unintended "pet projects" and personal use)

I never met one single client that saw ANY return on investment (and we spoke to hundreds of them). The training is a "nicety" and a "luxury" with little real value, while most of the support they promise is non-existent (such as mystery shops). When a company has no references that can verify ROI, when your "model clients" repeatedly cancel your meetings and leave you for your compititors, when you don't have one successful salesperson with more than 3-6 months tenure - there is something very wrong!

As a former executive with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of WomenCertified, I can only do my part to forewarn others based on my own personal experience. I am not the only one (as I have heard from several others personally), but they will have to tell their own story. My bible teaches me that one reaps what they sow. A time of reckoning is past due for these folks.

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