Mercedes Benz Malaysia and Daimler AG - Mercedes service center negligence during warranty period and now they say its a courtesy claim

Posted on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 at 9:25am CDT by de8303a6

Product: Mercedes Benz - E200 - 2007 Model

Company: Mercedes Benz Malaysia and Daimler AG

Location: Daimler AG 70546 Stuttgart Germany Phone: +49 711 17 0 Fax: +49 711 17 22244 e-mail: [email protected]
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Details of my case is at

I am still awaiting reply from Daimler AG, Germany.

19 April 2010.

Negligence service and deliberate delay until warranty expiration.

I am an owner of E200 Model. Car registration PHxxxx. I bought my car at your authorized dealer LOWE Motor Penang in August 2007. The car now as of today has a mileage of 29200km.

After purchase my car for about 6-8 months, I have drove back to the LOWE Motor service centre in Penang island to complain that the car air-condition on the driver side is not producing cold air and there is some strange smell in air. When I went back to pick the car up that very same day, they told me the gas for the air-condition system is low so they have add it up. And that should solve the problem. Service consultant : Feddie Low

Further 6 8 months later, I went back to the same service centre due to the same air-condition problem. Once again at the end of the day when I pick up the car, they told me that the gas for air-condition system is low and they have add it up. And that should solve the problem. Service consultant : Feddie Low

In this year, first week of Feb 2010, once again I went back to the same service centre and told them I am having the same problem. This time they told me that they need to put some dye in the the cooling coil to the if it is leaking. And ask me to drive for few days and go back to the workshop. After about 1 week I went back to them, and they confirm to me that my car cooling coil is leaking and would apply for warranty. Service consultant Feddie Low

At the end of March, I called up Feddie Low and he told me Kuala Lumpur Mercedes Benz have not given him a reply and he would try to follow the case for me.

About 3 weeks ago, once again I called up Feddie Low and he said there is no reply from Kuala Lumpur Mercedes Benz and again he would try to follow the case for me.

On Tuesday 13 April, I called up 1800 881-133, Mercedes Benz Customer Care Center to inform them about my situation, Ms Mazni took my call and later that afternoon about 5pm she called me back saying that she had already contacted Mr. Feddie Low and he told her that he has yet to submit the warranty claim. According to Ms Mazni, he told her he would do it by Wednesday and he would call me to follow up.

Today, 10am Monday 19 April, I have called up Ms Mazni to ask about my claim on whether she have received it. She told me Feddie Low was suppose to call me anytime from Wed-Fri last week.

At 11:00 am, I have called up LOWE Motor and talked to Mr. Hee their customer service manager, he told me he would investigate into the problem and called me back. At 1pm, he called me up and informed me actually my warranty is already expired after 2 years. What they are doing is actually to help me submit to Mercedes Benz Kuala Lumpur and see whether they would still cover the warranty. And Feddie Low is not in today so they would find out from him on Tuesday.

On two separate occasion before my car warranty expire, I have driven back to your authorized service center to have them check at the same problem. Your authorized service crew told me it was a low gas problem. After my warranty expire, when I go back to the same service center with the same problem, only they decide to check whether the cooling coil was leaking.

Upon confirming the leak, you authorized service consultant has on 2 separate occasion lie to me over the phone stating that they would submit a claim. Even when I called up Mercedes Benz Kuala Lumpur and they call him up, still he said he would submit the claim by the next day in which he did not do and did not call me back.

When I called up your authorized dealer to tell them my situation, they told me my warranty claim is already expired, therefore it is actually a courtesy submission ??

Is this the Mercedes Benz Malaysia service policy? To delay out your customer car fault until the warranty expire?

Or is this how your train your authorized service crew, that parts of your car would not be faulty and not to check it thorougly. Only check it in detail after warranty expire.

I can afford to purchase your E200, so I am sure I can afford to replace the parts after your warranty period. But what I cannot afford in my time or tolerate of being treated the run around like an idiot,interacting with your unqualified service consultant, which clearly the problem was the cooling coil from the start! And finally telling me that the warranty has expired so nothing can be done and it was a courtesy claim on their part from the start.

Then I wonder why they would need to lie to me in the beginning.

GK Ham

cc: Mercedes Benz Customer Care Malaysia


b8d9be86, 2010-08-11, 11:12AM CDT

Finally my case got resolved. Mercedes Benz Malaysia intervene after discussion with Daimler AG.

They replaced my whole air-conditioning system as a matter of good will and not implying on their warranty issue.

2e69977f, 2010-08-24, 04:33AM CDT

Dear Mr. Ham,


I would like to know whether your car already been fixed up or not. I am also facing the same problem like you. A C-class was purchased in Dec-08 from LOWE motor and we found faulty wipers, faulty lights switch etc. in the first 6 months!!! How can a Mercedes Benz quality be like this? I expected a perfect car from MB. We sent this car back to the MB service centre around Bukit Tengah to be repaired. They just told me that they coundnt see any problem when checking and they just return the car 'originally' without repairing to me again. And I have been travelling in and out like an idiot trying to get this done.

Apart from Feddie Low, did you deal with a manager at the car service centre whose name is Mr. Ooi? His attitute is really ... *thumbs down*.

I really appreciate if you can spend your precious time to give me some advice and also your experiences so that i can get what i deserve from this company.



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