Hanna Instruments - Hanna Inst. Inc. SUCKS

Posted on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 at 3:32pm CDT by 90c2bb04

Product: Hanna fertigation control HI-9914

Company: Hanna Instruments

Location: 584 Park East Drive
Woonsocket, RI, 02895, US

Category: Other

They have the worst business practice I have ever seen.

They have almost nothing in stock,it all has to be sent from overseas somewhere.I can't order directly from them but have to purchase thru a third party sales outlet?? Who know NOTHING about the products,and talked me into buying the WRONG and more expensive probe.

Its been almost two months and I still don't have the correct probes for my system, and the return policy for some of their sales outlets is 96 hours.

If I could I would return all $1500 worth of there items, but am stuck with it.



64fc8a97, 2010-05-13, 09:36AM CDT

Dear Sir,

I am an owner of a large commercial greenhouse in NJ. I have used Hanna products with great success for several years and have recommended them highly. As a result, many of my fellow greenhouse owners and competitors now use Hanna instrumentation and fertigation equipment. No one I know in the industry has anything bad to say about Hanna and its technical support which by the way is second to none. They have bent over backwards to help us and as a result I feel motivated to make this response to your ridiculous and ignorant comment. Trashing the leader in greenhouse instrumentation as a result of a 3rd party dealer's incompetence is only testament to your lack of intelligence and common sense. Obviously you're not that "bright" so look at it this way, when you finally save up enough money to purchase your next pickup truck where will you by itthe factory in Detroit? I think not. I will be forwarding your stupid, childish remarks to the Hanna service department in the hopes that they know who you are. Being that they are extremely in touch with their clients, I am sure they will figure it out! I hope when you have an issue or a technical question they first pull up your complaint and proceed to hang up you. YOU SUCK!

b33990e9, 2011-01-07, 02:36PM CST

I do understand your complaint.

Many Consumers have problems while others do not. Stupid People do not understand this. I was treated very good by one company and my neighbor was treated very badly. I was there and seen he had a valid argument. Do I got and say because I was treated good this company does not make mistakes? No everyone makes mistakes and the employees they have working there are probaly underpaid and they do not give a dam. All companies make mistakes.

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