Crown Honda Charlotte - Bad bad practices - $$$ service doesnt cover brakes? New mom, close accident

Posted on Monday, April 19th, 2010 at 7:19pm CDT by c2da8fa2

Product: Honda Fit 2007

Company: Crown Honda Charlotte

Location: 7001 East Independence Boulevard,
Charlotte, NC, 28227, US


Category: Other

I had to pay $499 to Crown Honda to service my vehicle when I purchased it out of the lease. My husband is a mechanic and was not allowed to service it himself (which he would have been able to do for a 10th of the price) as they are assuming liability. That's fair enough. BUT what does the $499 cover. 4 weeks later with my new baby in the car - my car started to make strange noises when I applied the brakes. When my husband heard it he said the brake pads were gone....we looked with a flashlight, and sure enough there was less than 1/8" of pad left. We were told today that the $499 does not cover them looking properly at the brakes. It does not cover them removing the wheels - no tire rotation, no wheel balancing, no alignment, no proper checking of brakes for $499. It basically seemed to be a basic inspection ($30) and oil change for $499. So before you buy any used car from them, make sure you have your own mechanic look it over to ensure it is safe to drive. My husband and I relied on their service this time and have regretted it. $499 for a service that doesnt cover a basic safety item - will never never trust a car dealership again. From now on my husband is the car's only mechanic...if a dealership ever needs to be involved again for any reason I want my mechanic there to see what work they perform and that it is up to standard. $499 for an inspection and glorified oil change many other used cars do they have out there with little to no brakes?


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