Food and Drug Admin. , Centers for Disease Control and Merck & Co. - Administrating Shingles Vaccine complaint for FDA, CDC and Merck

Posted on Saturday, April 17th, 2010 at 1:31pm CDT by c927acda

Product: Shingle Vaccine

Company: Food and Drug Admin. , Centers for Disease Control and Merck & Co.

Location: KS, US

Category: Health, Beauty

Denied Shingles vaccine when I requested it at ages 56 and 58. I am a female, age 58, white, had Chicken Pox (bad case of it) when I was young. Note: My mother had several severe bouts of Shingles. Moreover, I am a Breast Cancer survivor who had a lumpectomy/radiation and took tamoxifen for 5 years having experienced terrible hot flashes, joint problems and other side affects while on the medicine and afterwards. Finished 5 years of Tamoxifen in Oct. 2009. I understand that having had Breast Cancer also lowers your immune system. Twice, I asked several of my doctors if I could have the Shingles Vaccine (and explained my reasoning noted above) and all said because "I was NOT 60 they would not give it to me." Well, last year I developed problems with my knee (bone bruise that took 5 months to heal with terrible pain/on crutches for 4 months) and during that time I developed Shingles from the pain, stress and my immune system being lowered because of having had cancer.

I do not understand WHY I could not have been given the Shingles Vaccine shot under the age of 60 to have prevented this. I was denied based solely on the "suggested" age of 60 and older to administer the Shingles Vaccine.

Many people are nowadays (all ages including under the age of 60 ) experiencing Shingles and more with more re-occurrences of Shingles. With my past medical history, I think I was very justified in requesting a Shingles shot under the age of 60. I am rather upset with the bureaucracy and that I was denied it twice after experiencing a recent bout of Shingles . Please Note: When I went to the Dermatologist to confirm that I had Shingles, she said she sees at least 2-3 cases of Shingles a week, all ages now.

I would hope that my speaking out, would assist someone in getting the Shingles vaccine, who really is a good candidate to get the vaccine, but does not meet the age "60" requirement.


0a12d331, 2010-05-19, 09:49AM CDT

Thank you for sharing! I too would like to get the shot before age 60.

Ruby W., 2014-03-15, 05:53AM CDT

Be careful for what you ask for...I am a 62 years of age female. I got the shingle shot on Tuesday and it is now Saturday. My upper arm and forearm became swollen, red, and hot/warm. On Friday, I went to the doctor and received two RXs. My state is the same along now with itching and a heavy feeling. I have unproductive for 5 days due to my getting the vaccines. I could not brush my teeth or comb my hair due to the pain in my arm.

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