Costco - Poor treatment from Costco Tires

Posted on Saturday, April 17th, 2010 at 7:41pm CDT by bb653abe

Product: Tire Patch

Company: Costco

Location: 2828 Chad Drive
Eugene, OR, US


Category: Other

Hello Costco Customer Service,

I am very disappointed with the treatment that I received today at your Eugene store. Jiffy Lube informed me that I had a flat tire and sent me to your store to have it patched. Your employee, Ryan, ignored me while he served the two white males who had come in after I had. When he finally helped me, he said that it was dangerous for Jiffy Lube to send me driving on a flat tire. Then he rudely told me that Costco could not assist with tires which were not purchased at this store. He was exceptionally bad mannered and was not even willing to suggest a nearby place to fix my tire. I have never been treated so poorly and was surprised that he speak in such a degrading tone to a confused young college student. I have spoken to several minority friends, and they have had similarly bad experiences at the Eugene Costco. As a result of this day, my friends and family will not renew their memberships next year, and I will take every opportunity to spread the word that Costco is an unfriendly place for people of color.


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