belinda morton - money due to me

Posted on Friday, April 16th, 2010 at 9:10am CDT by 3f812dd2

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Company: belinda morton

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Belinda Morton attorney at law settled a lawsuit for me and on 3-11-10 I signed the settlement check along with her. Then she wrote me a check which had NSF and caused my banking account to go into a neg. balance. She has sent me a money order for 45.00. But she still owes me 65.00> I sent her a cc on 4-1-10 of my account showing the overdraft fees,and asking for my money due to me. And I haven't received my money.

One would not think a reputable attorney who got her portion of a settlement would write her client a check that had NSF.

I have documentation of every phone call,the bad check,bank acct and a cc of the money order for 45.00.


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