UEI - United education Institute is a waste of your hard earned money!!!

Posted on Friday, April 16th, 2010 at 6:42pm CDT by ba975ec9

Product: UEI staff, teachers, and Career services staff

Company: UEI

Location: 310 Third Avenue Campus
Chula Vista, CA, 91910, US

Category: Other

I spent the last 7 months at this campus. Let me start by saying for the average 14 grand a person going there you should have more staff.Also teachers should have teaching credentials!!!! Not just any Joe off the street. Secondly, you should have plenty of facilities and break rooms for the hours of school. Starts 5am to 10pm. One break room and a total of 6 stalls if they are actually working. No janitorial staff, except the family member of a person working there. Thirdly the person in charge of student services should be available to students and should have bus passes available for the upcoming month beforehand, not half way into existing month. Theya re available on the 20th of the month prior and there is no excuse to not have them timely. Lastly, if i have to teach the new incoming students how to do the work as opposed to the actual teacher then you know there is a problem!!!! Finally, i went to my career day exit panel that was the biggest cluster F$%&k is have ever seen. NO communication at all and the staff was a joke. In conclusion, i would like to comment on the fact that my externship is still not ready. I went all the way out to a facility and the doctor didnt even turn to meet me. I was sent home and told to wait for a call. Nothing. When i went to see Korey Castillo at career services she was overwhelmed and flustered. She told me she "had another site for me because we dont send people to the last one due to transportion issues".She said she had one ready, It was a lock.I asked if i should leave Friday open for meet and greet. I asked if i had to interview she said "no".I asked "are you sure?" she said yes. I asked her where the site was she told me and then told me i would most likely start monday. So i called the site and was told "the office manager was on vacation and they already had extern there". WTF? So i called Korey to find out what excatly was going on, she was so upset I phoned the site. She told me to find my own externship!! I apologized and she said "since you know so much you can find one yourself and Call to keep her posted." Now after all this would YOU pay 14-16 grand go to that school?


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