Belle Meade Dermatology - Extremely unprofessional

Posted on Friday, April 16th, 2010 at 10:39am CDT by 4b5010ad

Product: Dermatologist

Company: Belle Meade Dermatology

Location: Nashville, TN, US

Category: Other

As I am writing this I am astounded by what has ultimately transpired.

My son and I went to Belle Meade Dermatology last April. He had some warts on his hand and I had sun damage on my back. The assistant came in, refused to speak to us though we said hi and asked questions, tapped us on the areas in question with the nitrogen like it was a magic wand. A couple of days later my son mentioned that his warts looked exactly the same as before the visit. I stated at the time that I did not feel the sting that usually accompanies treatment of this sort.

I then called the office to speak to the office manager and discuss our concerns. He stated that if we did not pay the bill he could ruin our credit. He never apologized nor did he offer any sort of follow-up visit. My next try was to contact the doctor's nurse and tell her the situation. She told me to make another appointment to speak with the doctor about our concerns.

We drove 20 miles to the office and waited (in an empty waiting room) for 40 minutes. When we were called back we were told that we could not see the doctor until we paid for the previous visit were nothing was done. I explained that the reason for this visit was to speak with the doctor about the last visit. I was turned away from seeing the doctor regardless of the situation. In other words they did not care. We then drove the 20 miles back from the wasted office visit.

I then contacted the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance to mediate on our behalf with the doctor's office. They told us that nothing could be done.

Now my son is receiving harassing calls and letters at college. I am not receiving calls, I have since changed my number, but I am receiving letters stating that Belle Meade Dermatology will be taking us to court.

I have tried the BBB, an attorney for harassment, and posting this eveywhere imaginable.

I was told by an attorney that nothing can be done for us. These people are allowed to harass my child at college. I have to pay for services not rendered.

Is this the United States of America? I do not feel free, I feel used and abused.

Oh and by the way everyone reading this owes me money even though I did nothing but post my experience. I figure if they can do it so can I.


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