Target - Beware! Target sells faulty products!!!

Posted on Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 at 6:09am CDT by b97b90d9

Product: DVD

Company: Target

Location: Bankstown Shopping centre
Sydney, Ne, 2200, AU


Category: Other

My friend and I were recommended a DVD by the Target's salesperson. We brought it home and played it. It was very pixelated and it stopped working after a few minutes. We brought it back and got another copy. This time the DVD wouldn't work AT ALL. We brought it back and asked for another exchange. We tried to negotiate politely but the manager was very unreasonable and blamed it on us! He said that we scratched it that was why it didnt work. What kind of customer service is that??? It was not our fault and we had every right to return it. They said we cant return it if its been opened UNLESS it is faulty and in this case it is faulty but they were very rude. We didnt want the DVD so we threw it back. I bet they are going to put it back on sale again. Im writing this to inform all those that are going to shop at target because if you ask me Target is the WORST STORE I'VE EVER BEEN TOO and I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO BEWARE WHEN SHOPPING AT TARGET. It has the poorest customer service. And the manager's face screams "punch me!punch me!". The way target treats its customers is disgusting.


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