Porrasjen Tex - Be aware of Khan Mazhar alias Dong Le of Porrasjen Tex

Posted on Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 at 1:39am CDT by daf3f4ad

Product: PVC laminated Tarpaulin

Company: Porrasjen Tex

Location: 4F Suyu 2 Dong 652-78 Seoul Korea

Category: Other

Mr. Khan Mazhar who also calls himself Dong Le to cheat Indian importers & buyers has cheated us by taking an advance of $10000 for PVC laminated Tarpaulin. The promised shipment never happened. Once he got the advance he showed his true colors, stopped picking up phone, answering emails and disappeared.

We complained to Korean embassy about the same, the last feedback we got from them was that may be he is behind the bars now. Its almost a year now and still we are trying our best to get our money back. This Khan Mazhar alias Dong Le would be cheating the unsuspecting buyers from around the world each and every day. We are taking it to the next level and very soon we will be publishing articles about this scammer in all the magazines and newspapers possible. Most of the Indians have stopped working with Korean suppliers because of bad traders like Khan Mazhar alias Dong Le. We have all the email correspondence we had with him and documents as evidence.

The truth is the truth and we pay a steep price whenever we ignore it. Please never ever deal with Khan Mazhar alias Dong Le or Porrasjen Tex / Jen Textile Co. Use every medium available to you to speak out against the evil that is Khan Mazhar alias Dong Le and Porrasjen Tex / Jen Textile Co.

Our contact address:

Middle Earth Business House Pvt. Ltd.

20, Ashoka Shopping Centre , L.T.Marg , Next To G.T.Hospital

Dhobi Talao, Mumbai:400001, India

Tel:022-22620780 / 22705453


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