Luftansa - Luftansa costs too much

Posted on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 at 6:31pm CDT by f7a65c4c

Product: airline

Company: Luftansa

Location: MUNICH, DE


Category: Airlines

My wife and 16 month old daughter had a second connection in Munich after Chicago. After getting off United in Munich my wife confirmed with Luftansa rep. she was at the correct gate. Went to the ladies room, changed a diaper, returned to her seat in front of the gate and waited... 10 minutes before the departure she learned from the rep. the gate changed to the other end of the airport. She ran pushing a stroller to see the plane had not left but too late to get on. Next flight 4 hours plus $250 for a 1 hour flight. Full charge. Munich airport was not busy at 10:00 am, but how about rep's actually talking to people seated at a gate they just spoke to confirming the gate (it had changed on the monitors) change or calling the new gate to wait for a woman running with a stroller. Why not charge $500, my wife and 16 month old daughter are already tired (& daughter crabby). What could possibly be Luftansa's fault? I posted this incident to Luftansa email because they do not have customer service phones. Perfect


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