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Posted on Monday, April 12th, 2010 at 1:40pm CDT by 7e22cefc

Product: Camper World Camping Time Share

Company: Camper World Trust

Location: 4055 South 700 East, Ste 101
Salt Lake City, Ut, 84107, US


Category: Other

My husband and I responded to an offer we received from Camper World after we bought our trailer. "Once in a life time opportunity! These memberships don't open up to the public very often! We only have a couple available! Hurry now!" When we went to the meeting we were told that we could bring family, friends and pets with no problems. We can even let them use our membership without us there! We were told our maintenance fee would be $295.00 per year for exclusive access to 9 campgrounds here in Utah and that fee would never go up.

Since then...We found out that there are many restrictions making it almost impossible for us to enjoy our membership. They make it impossible to bring family. Not only can you not have guests with you on holidays, but they also demanded to see birth certificates (at every park) to prove they were our kids or our parents. That is such BS. We listed our family on our membership papers when we signed up. They never mentioned that we would have to pay a $100.00 pet deposit, for each pet either. They said our family and friends could bring pets. Then when they tried we were told it wasn't allowed. Not to mention that the camp ground hosts are rude as hell and constantly harass you while your there! Every park we've been to, (except Starvation Res) they've treated us with nothing more than disrespect. I guess they don't realize where their paychecks really come from? One interesting note: YOU are required to keep your pets on leashes and with you at all times. But the camp gound hosts are allowed to let their pets roam all over the place. Even into your camp site!

Last year they jacked up our maintenance fee from $295.00 to $400.00! Then they also charged all their members a $600.00 Assessment fee! We specifically asked them about "extra charges" before we signed up. They said there will never be any! So whats this "Assessment" then? And if we didn't pay it, they wouldn't allow us to use our membership nor would they allow you to sell your membership. They claimed that because of the economy it was necessary for them to charge this assessment to all their members in order for them to pay off all of their properties and be debt free! Well that's great for them because they put a lot of their members in financial hardship for their own personal gain. They didn't care about the impact this would have on their members. I wonder what they will hit us with next year? We even tried to sell our membership back to them or even someone else, but they wouldn't allow it.

Now today... we get a letter in the mail stating that we have to register our dog with them on an annual basis AND we have to have submit annual vaccination records AND a liability insurance policy! AND we have to present our "Camper World Dog Card" every time we go to the park or our dog won't be allowed in the park. I'm a good pet owner. My dog is registered with a chip, she is vaccinated. She's only 3 lbs and I'll be damned if I'm going to run out a pay for a liability insurance policy on her. Camper World is only interested in getting you locked into a $7,000.00 contract that you have no way out of. They will lie and deceive you to get you to sign and then you will find out that in the end.... you got screwed because they make it impossible for you to use your membership. Buyer Beware!

I found this posting on the interent a few days ago. Seems that Camper World has a history of charging these "assessment" fee's.

Just a note for what it's worth. We were new to RV camping and parks etc. We got an invitation to Camperworld presentation when we purchased our little travel trailer. I don't remember what the circumstances were but we couldn't attend the presentation. So, the salesman came right to our house, amazing. So, We probably unwisely, at the time, purchased a Camperworld full membership in about 2001 for about $3000. This gave us access to the 6 parks at the time. Our annual fee was $350.00. The next year the annual fee went up to $466.00. We were really upset about this and wrote Camperworld about our objection to the 25% increase. We didn't say there shouldn't be one, but another $116.00 annually seemed quite a bit to us. Still raising a family, mortgage, etc. And not enough time to really enjoy what we were paying for (our miscalculation). They sent back information on how we could sell our membership, with their approval. Still had to pay the annual fee until it sold or the buyer would have to pay the back payments. Then the next year we were assessed $1600.00. If we payed the assessment our annual fee of $466.00 would be locked in, never raised and no more assessments. Which ment to us that if we didn't pay they could raise our annual fee as often as they wanted to what ever they wanted. So, with reservations, we payed the assessment $1600.00, on top of the annual $466.00 fee. It cost us $2066.00 to camp that year, which we were able to do about 8 days of. It seemed almost like extortion. We even talked to a lawyer we were so surprised and angry. Now we received a notice that Camperworld is leasing a KOA South of SLC. I under stand this is a very nice place. They want $99.00 registration fee to register to use that park. Call it what they want it still sounds like an assessment to us, just called by a different name. Again we are angry. When Camperworld bought the old Belmont Hot Springs up near Tremonton they didn't charge a registration fee to use the new park. I thought our $1600.00 assesment covered any further surcharges, fees, assessments, registrations whatever you want to call them. Maybe we'll talk to the lawyer again, maybe we just won't pay the $99.00 and not use that campground. There may be assessments and registration fees in your future that you may not be aware of. We'd like to know if there are other Camperworld members who feel kind of "taken advantage of" and have a similar experience. Surely we aren't the only ones who are miffed. I talked to a friend of mine who's father had bought a membership years ago. She said he was really mad about the increase and assessment. With the money we've spent we could camp in several other public or commercial grounds and be financially ahead. With our initial $3,000.00 + 4 years annual fees, and $1600.00 assessment we've paid over $6000.00 for 4 to 4 1/2 years Camperworld membership, jsut to camp. Even at $50.00 a night, that's 120 days of camping over a 4 year periond. That's about 30 days a year for the last 4 years. I don't know to many people that can do that. We could have camped at state or federal campgrounds or KOA or whatever for less that $50.00 a day for 120 days. The Coast to Coast fee is about $150.00 annually. But you still have to pay a fee to stay at the affiliated campground.


COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # 22067332 Better Business Bureau of Utah

Business Info: Camperworld Trust

4055 South 700 East Ste 101

Salt Lake City, UT 84107-2508

801 262-8166

Consumer Info:

Layton, UT 84041

Location Involved: (Same as above)

Consumer's Original Complaint :

Yearly dues misrepresented. We were told the two-park membership was specially designed to avoid the larger fees, and that fees hadn't increased in many years. In the 4 years we have been members the fees increased from $195 yearly to $400.

Membership value misrepresented. We were originally sent a document mentioning a $3000 discount due to our recent RV purchase. The two-resort membership was sold to us for $1690, said to be a $4600 value, and the value of these exclusive memberships increased yearly. In November 2008 Mike Hatch told us the value was $1400-1600.

Coast to Coast membership misrepresented. We were told this was part of the Camperworld membership, but is another membership and set of fees. We were told purchasing Camperworld gave us two weeks worth of Coast to Coast every year, but once we contacted Coast to Coast we were told about a $99 yearly membership fee, then we need to buy our two weeks of time.

Cancelling within the first 30 days. Within the first 30 days of membership we realized we did not want this membership and requested details on cancelling this membership via phone. We were told there was absolutely no way to cancel; there was no lemon law to this membership.

Pets. We were told dogs were welcome at all Camperworld locations. There are deposits for dogs which is fair. We have one dog. Every time we arrived we were treated as second-class citizens for having a dog. Now in 2009 dogs will require an additional fee.

Reselling to Camperworld. Was told in November 2008 by Mike Hatch that Camperworld does not purchase memberships which is contradictory to their resale document, and that the $495 transfer fee applied. The resale document is also worded to make one infer the $495 transfer fee does not apply when reselling to Camperworld.

$495 transfer fee. There is no reason for that high of a cost. Adding the $495 transfer fee as part of reselling to Camperworld is a rip off.

Multiple attempts to resell. Many intents to sell were sent to Camperworld in a time span of over one year, reducing the price to $700, which, including the $495 transfer fee, would reduce the price of the membership to $205. Many weeks are taken between responses and the length of response time increased as the end of year approached, likely to secure another year's dues, and all intents to sell have been denied.

Consumer's Desired Resolution:

Refund of $1690 for the membership. No $400 dues for 2009.

BBB Processing

01/03/2009 web BBB Complaint Received by BBB

01/05/2009 BB BBB Member Complaint Validated by Operator

01/05/2009 Otto EMAIL Send acknowledgement to Consumer

01/05/2009 Otto EMAIL Inform Member Business of the Complaint

01/21/2009 OttO BBB Member No Response to first Notice to Business

01/21/2009 OttO MAIL Resend to Member Business

01/27/2009 BB BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : Refer to "ALL ATTACHMENTS FOR THIS COMPLAINT" on your complaint website link.

01/27/2009 BB EMAIL Forward Business response to Consumer

01/28/2009 WEB BBB RECEIVED CONSUMER REBUTTAL : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

No resolution is provided in the response. As with all previous transactions with Camperworld there is no flexibility or customer service on Camperworld's part.

01/29/2009 BB BBB No Middle Ground Provided By Consumer

01/29/2009 Otto EMAIL Inform Consumer - No Middle Ground Provided

01/30/2009 WEB BBB RECEIVED CONSUMER REBUTTAL : Regarding the middle ground offer: Please explain to me where Camperworld offered any kind of middle ground offer in their statement?

As for my middle ground, I am happy to get 75% of my purchase price refunded and this year's dues, for a total of 1667.50.

01/30/2009 BB EMAIL Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Member Business

02/02/2009 otto BBB Business Requests Complaint Password

02/17/2009 OttO BBB Member No Response from Business re: Consumer Rebuttal

02/17/2009 OttO EMAIL Send Membership Notice for Consumer Rebuttal

02/25/2009 OttO BBB Member Complaint Review - No Response Received

02/26/2009 BB BBB Dispute Counselor Phone Call to Business


04/02/2009 BB EMAIL Forward Business Response to Consumer re: Rebuttal

04/10/2009 WEB BBB CONSUMER REJECTS BUSINESS' RESPONSE : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

As always this business provides no resolution, no compromise, and no customer service. I will accept a refund of $1600.

04/14/2009 BB EMAIL Inform Consumer - Case Closed AJR

04/14/2009 Otto EMAIL Inform Business - Case Closed AJR

04/14/2009 Otto BBB Case Closed AJR


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b4da7ff2, 2010-06-22, 10:19AM CDT

WOW. What a whiner. It sounds like you didn't do your due diligence like any normal person should do before investing in anything. Obviously this membership was not for you and never will be because you are the type of person who will look for anything negative in anything you do. I feel sorry for you.

Jeremy S., 2013-01-29, 08:21AM CST

Just a quick point of interest, the guy who wrote that one comment works at Camperworld so that may give you some idea of the attitudes you will be dealing with.

Jeremy S., 2013-02-01, 03:24PM CST

They are counting heavily on the fact that you won't do you "due diligence" and that's exactly why they have the "buy tonight or you never get this deal again" motto. They work hard at convincing you you can't.

20e4f77e, 2014-03-27, 04:23PM CDT

This business (camperworld) is a ripoff

e9087c3f, 2014-04-04, 12:19PM CDT

Try facebook's Camperworld Unofficial Chat and join. Some ideas anyway

Thomas W., 2014-05-16, 04:09PM CDT

WOW, finally someone has figured out where all the camperworld money has gone. I am truly impressed with the current board members who are taking Hatch and son and his bandits to task in lawsuit.

b644b2e0, 2015-12-02, 01:34PM CST

Camping World has suspect business practices. They constantly push camping/resort memberships. These memberships are expensive and not suitable for everyone.

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