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Posted on Sunday, April 11th, 2010 at 11:53pm CDT by 8de12f66

Product: Jeep Grnd Cherokee

Company: Fair Oaks Chrysler & Jeep

Location: 4170 Auto Park Cir ยท Chantilly
Chantilly, Vi, 20151, US

URL: http://www.fairoaksmotors.com/

Category: Other

Fair Oaks Jeep repaired my car twice in the past 30 days. Immediately following the last repair, I drove about 200 miles when the car made a sound like a flat tire. The service dept at Fair Oaks assured me that the car was getting adjusted to the work that they did that day, and it was okay to continue driving. A short while later, while on the NJ Turnpike, the front driver's side wheel flew off the car, propelling it in the air and across the highway. The noise we heard just before the wheel went air borne gave us just barely enough time to reach the shoulder. Although we were terribly frieghtened, we were safe but the car was in bad shape. The wheel was all messed up, the car fell hard on the knuckle and the fender was all chewed up.

The next day, Fair Oaks was apologetic and agreed to pay for my rental car while my jeep was being repaired. Then Fair Oaks wanted to tow my jeep back to Virginia, but they wouldn't agree to fix it once it got back here. I couldn't see agreeing to moving the car when I didn't have an agreement that they would fix it.

Now they are claiming they are not responsible.

My Jeep had been to that dealer twice in the past 30 days.

Fair Oaks invoice indicates that they checked my brakes on the day that the wheel flew off but now they are unsure if they removed the wheel - yet they identified that the brakes were in good shape.

When the car made a noise like a flat tire, I called and spoke with Brian in the service dept and he told me that the car was just getting used to the work that was done and I was okay to keep on driving. Shortly after that the wheel went flying off the car.

Although Fair Oaks apologized for the problem and authorized the rental initially, now Fair Oaks is unwilling to pay for the repairs, rental and towing, less than $4,000.

I've been a Jeep owner for over 10 years. I bought my first Jeep Gr. Cherokee from Dulles Jeep and my second from Fair Oaks. After this experience, I no longer want to own a Jeep at all.

If I keep the car I'll have to have it serviced someplace and this dealer is closest to my house. I can't see returning to Fair Oaks Jeep for repairs as they clearly don't value customer safety, they are not responsible and they don't value my business.

Perhaps this explains why American auto manufacturers have all gone belly up, they prefer to alienate loyal customers rather than admit they made a mistake and take corrective action to make it right.

I??ve filed a claim with my insurance company who will definitely go after Fair Oaks for the repairs, towing and rental fees. It is very likely that Fair Oaks will be held responsible. The difference is that they have lost me as a customer and possibly everyone I speak to, in person, via websites, twitter, etc.

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8f881fc6, 2010-06-23, 05:37AM CDT

I have had the similar issues with this dealer. Ive rec'd usual response of: "it takes some time to settle in the repair" One basic service or repair may require perhaps 2 additional visits.

But I would do not agree with the comment about American auto manufacturers. In my experience, both Fair Oaks (5 years) and Farrish Jeep(5 years), both seem to have a substandard mechanics -perhaps its a lower level Chrysler/Jeep operational/certification standard.

My local Ford dealer in Fairfax (10 years experieance) is much higher quality of service.

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