Atlantic Automotive Industries LLC - Atlantic Automotive Industries aka Atlantic Auto Technologies stole our ECM and money

Posted on Saturday, April 10th, 2010 at 11:49am CDT by 9fa85c8d

Product: repair / rebeuild ECM (engine control module)

Company: Atlantic Automotive Industries LLC

Location: 1712 Ogilvie Park Lane
Jacksonville, Fl, 32246, US


Category: Other

I thought I'd share our recent experience that went sour when the ECM in our 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max went dead last February.

Originally, it went dead over 5 years ago, and my knowledgeable husband removed it and sent it to ecm-to-go in Houston, Texas. They repaired it, tested it in a junker Mitsubishi, and sent it to us in working order. It worked fine until this past February when it went dead again. We found another company we sent it to, Atlantic Auto Technologies aka Atlantic Automotive Industries in Jacksonville, Florida and within about two weeks, we received it back, saying it had been tested and repaired. My husband installed it, and the truck would not start. He pulled out his scope meter, and after 4 days of testing and looking over schematics, and checking connections, he finally came to the conclusion that the brain box was dead, and had not been repaired. So, while it was under AAT's warranty, we sent it back, receiving a return authorization number with return. They received it in early March. We never heard from them either by e-mail or by telephone and in two weeks, my husband phoned and asked what was up. The fellow taking care of our problem (Charles Ratliff) said that our unit was deemed non-remanufacturable and that they would send him a tracking number via e-mail when they shipped it back. They require a $89.95 diagnostic fee, but they still did not refund him back the $299.95. We waited, no returned ECM. He e-mailed them, no response. He phoned, "Charlie is out" or "Charlie" would not answer his extension #114, and other excuses were given, like, "we take care of credit card refunds on Friday's", or, "we're having problems with our shipping department". We got the run around for another couple of weeks with these same excuses, and no one would talk to us, nor refund us our $299.95. Husband finally submitted a dispute with his Visa credit card and it will take 60 to 90 days for our credit card company to resolve this. The frustrating thing is that they have kidnapped our ECM, holding it hostage, leaving us without a core to send off to another company repair it. I am without a vehicle while I wait for my husband to return from business matters in two weeks, when I can then make another run to the grocery store. As husband put it, we don't need this extra aggravation.

I suggest anyone doing business with sending in their ECM or PCU to first check the company out with the better business bureau. This company can be found there under the name of Atlantic Automotive Industries LLC, where you will find they have changed their name several times. You will also notice several other names they go by. They have an F rating.


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60ba7329, 2010-05-15, 09:28AM CDT

OMG. I just send my ECm to this guy. the website is down, phone is no longer in service, especially 877 number. Sending email with no response. what a crap... I will be without a car for quite long.

49650cf8, 2010-06-17, 05:20PM CDT

We went through the exact same thing. We dealt with this company from Dec 2009 to April 2010. They also kept our money and sent us back a non working ECM. They owe us $299.95 for the ECM and another $150.00 for an imobilizer we never received. We ended up taking our Mitsubishi to a dealer locally and had the car repaired, for another $850.00. I tried to contact the company but was told they skipped out in March. I am just sick. I appreciate the info about the credit card. I will pursue that avenue. Thank you for posting your story.

9fa85c8d, 2011-07-20, 02:49PM CDT

I would edit my comment, but I didn't save the originalauthoring e-mail sent to me. Oops. Anyway, it is now summer of 2011, and Atlantic Automotive Industries is no longer in business, under this name, anyway. Hopefully the greedy people will not pop their heads up somewhere else under a different company name and get a real job.

We did send the ECM to another company located in Tennessee, and they only charged $30.00 to look at it. Wished we had used them first. They sent it back and said they could not repair it, and said whoever worked on it before did a terrible job (it could be Atlantic Auto or that other company in Houston, Texas). Out of curiosity, my husband put the unit back in (what else can you do with it?) and decided to try and start the truck. Walla, it turned over! So, whatever the company in Tennessee did to it when they tested it could have done something to make it work again. In the long run, we ended up changing out the oxygen sensor cable as it was rubbing under the body and causing an intermittent short. It is now running fine, after doing some maintenance work on it ourselves (timing belt change, water pump change, new idle speed control servo, and now a new starter). Runs better than my husbands 2008 Ford Ranger with stick. Back to subject, that it is good that "we the people" made enough complaints to put these guys out of business.

06f664a4, 2011-10-19, 01:12PM CDT

I sure would like to know the comapany's you used in Texas and in Tennessee, I'm having the same problem with my Daughter's car right now.

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