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I cancelled my daughter's cell phone in the beginning of March 2009 with Virgin Mobile because we bought her a nicer phone with Sprint. At the end of July, I noticed a charge on my husband's credit card on July 9th for $103.22 to Virgin Mobile. I thought it was odd since I had spent over 30 minutes with a new rep on July 17th topping up my account that I currently have with them with the credit card in my name. I immediately phoned Virgin Mobile and questioned the charged. After being put on hold for a while, I was told by the rep that he needs to fill out a fraud report. We went through the whole process as he asked me questions...such as "Do you know who made this charge", etc. Satisfied, I waited over a week to check on the situation.

When I called to check on the situation, the woman told me she did not see any notations or reports on my file. Putting me on hold for awhile again, she came back and stated she would help me file a fraud report. She also assured me the phone number the credit card charge was connected to would be disconnected. At this time, I had NO IDEA this charge was for the phone I had disconnected way back in March and threw in the garbage. At no time now or before was I informed it was for the phone I cancelled back in March. She told me the process takes about 7-10 days. In the meantime, I checked my bank statement and found they had also taken another $103.22 on June 8th.

I waited the 10 days and called again on 09/06/2009. After speaking to someone who again had no idea what I was talking about, I demanded to speak to a supervisor. After speaking to another guy, who again had no idea what I was talking about, I again demanded to speak to someone who spoke English and was a supervisor, as I thought I was speaking to one already as requested. "Mark" then informed me this was for the phone I cancelled back in March. He told me I never cancelled it! When I questioned why my credit card was not charged in March, April or May, he could not answer that. He then accused me of using the phone to check my voicemail (my daughter's phone). I then lost my temper. After being put on hold numerous times and argueing, I finally got what I thought was satisfaction. A refund for $206.88 in the form of a check sent to my home address, since the bank account and credit card that was used was now closed. He told me the refund would be issued in 24-72 hours. The next morning, 09/07/2009, I had an email from Virgin Mobile. It said "Congatulations! You just made the switch to .20 per minute" on the cancelled phone!!! Now I was REALLY angry! I spoke with numerous other reps, demanded a supervisor and finally got the supervisor "Jeff". They can never give me their last names nor can they give me their "headquarters" phone numbers that they keep claiming they were speaking to. Now I was told that my credit card was refunded that morning, but only for one month because they could not go back further. A credit card that they were well aware of had been closed!! On a Holiday! Now they told me it was my bank's fault!

From the day before until that day, the account went from not being able to do anything, to them illegally putting fake phone calls and text messages on the account. The phone calls were pulled off of the account from back in March. They were suddenly made on 09/05 and 09/06. They were made to my daughter's friend's old phone that is no longer connected! The text messages were from "dada". When I phoned the number to inquire about charges that began from them too now, they had the exact same accent as the people at Virgin Mobile. Of course all this information is no longer available for me to access. Luckily I printed out most of it. I finally had to report the phone "lost or stolen" via their website to stop the madness.

I informed them I would contact every television station and anyone else who was willing to listen if I did not receive the full $206.88 by check in the mail. They refused. I told them I recorded each and every conversation I had with them as well. He objected to my doing so, and still refused to refund me.

I further noticed that my active cell account has $.15 taken out of it every single day at 3:15 a.m. Multiply illegal credit card charges times millions of customers....that's a lot of money. Multiply $.15 times millions of customers, that's alot of money as well. I have no idea what to do about this situation now. I emailed them and receive no responses.

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46cd1566, 2010-11-06, 12:19PM CDT

I am having a similar problem with Virgin Mobile as we speak. I activated a phone for my daughter, paid for her month online with my credit card and the phone would only allow calls and not text. I called them today to find out why and sure enough they had charged me 2 more times. On top of that, her phone would not work at all afterwards! I called and was very furious. They kept giving me the run around. I told them if it was not creditited back to my account TODAY I was notifying the FBI of their illegal activity. I guess I will wait and see what happens. Now, I also have a Virgin Mobile phone and had a cash balance of 2.56. I have unlimited everything but noticed my cash balance was going down everyday. When I called them they had no idea why but were willing to issue a 2 dollar credit to my phone. As of now, the 2 dollar credit they issued is practically gone. They keep taking it. How the hell do they get away with that?

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