United HealthCare Ins. Co. - Ovations - United HealthCare dba Secure Horizons rips off Agents

Posted on Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 at 9:09pm CDT by 7ee37282

Product: Medicare Advantage plans

Company: United HealthCare Ins. Co. - Ovations

Location: 9900 Bren Road East
Minnetonka, MN, 55343, US

Category: Other

I contracted with UHC to sell their Medicare Advantage products (Secure Horizons and Evercare). These plans are under the jurisdiction of Medicare, or CMS for short

UHC had not paid me over $8,000 in commissions dating back to Nov/Dec 2008. Their managers lied, stating that CMS did not allow such payments until CMS released an "approved" list of Medicare-eligibles. Medicare ha been very late in providing such a list, but, according to CMS, this is absolutely not true! CMS regulations state that they MAY, but are NOT REQUIRED to, withhold, that they MAY pay, and later reverse or charge back commissions if plan enrollees later turn out not to be approved by CMS.

To add insult to injury, UHC has FAILED TO RESPOND to my complaint letters, even though I sent the last one by certified mail, and I received confirmation of their receipt and acceptance of my letter - what kind of a flakey business is that ??!!

In addition, no one would believe how much trouble agents had with UHC's computer system called "onDemand", which agents were supposed to use in tracking enrollees. Likewise, their agent support system was ATROCIOUS - I have copies of over 40 unanswered e-mails to their PHD )Producers Help Desk), and when I sent copies to the local managers (Tucson, AZ) I got no replies from those "wannabe's" either.

I recently filed a $10,000 lawsuit (the maximum in Justice court in Arizona). It is standard practice in the insurance industry for agents to get paid first year commissions immediately when a case is approved, and then charge an agent back any "un-earned" commissions, if and when a policy is cancelled or lapses during the first year. I am convinced that UHC rips off agents like this nationwide; they must make tons of money off the interest on agents' monies that they decide to keep in their own bank accounts so long. The Arizona Insurance Department fined them $364,500 for, among other things, "violating state laws governing ... timely payments to providers"; evidently UHC tried to rip off doctors and hospitals, etc. and now they seem to be trying to rip off agents nationwide in the same way. Based on my experience, in my opinion, this is a very bad company for agents to deal with.

If you have been an agent with UHC and had similar experiences, it sure would be good to hear from you.


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745f1ff9, 2009-09-29, 10:49PM CDT

I have had similar problems.

The company's response is that if CMS doesn't give them the OK, they can't pay it. And there is no procedure currently in place to appeal to CMS. I think this is all part of CMS M.O. to disuade agents from selling Medicare Advantage. The Scope of Appointment form is the biggest boondoggle and restraint of trade I've ever seen. Why limit what you talk to a prospect about? Why not say you have the onus to talk about all the products a prospect is eligible for so they can make an informed decision? CMS is deathly afraid of MA because its design is to make Medicare (CMS) smaller. Try to divrsify your business and talk about the negatives of MA so that the client opts for Medigap instead. You'll be happier that way.

13ce9493, 2010-11-18, 03:25PM CST

Cry baby!

0144ba24, 2011-03-04, 06:59PM CST

My experience with UHC has to do with the FMO Field Marketing Organizations they hire. These organization do nothing for the agent and ultimately, in my case obstruct and cause commission non-payments. Organizations that have been contracted are not held to any standards and can ultimately cause financial disasters by not keeping their licensing active. To further acknowledge your point, UHC is very quick to deny payment of good business that they accept, process and approve but yet they can find reason not to pay you for those accounts. How dare they hire these illiterate bottom feeders and then hold the agent accountable via non-payment of perfectly good business because the FMO does have an active license in your state. THEY DO NOT CARE AT ALL hiding behind their diluted interpetation of CMS rules and regulations. If that be the case, sanctioning should be in order for their failure to administer the CMS contract in a competent and ethic manner. BUT THEY ARE SO BIG AND BULLET PROOF that CMS needs to manage them BUT no one cares about the agent. We are accused of all manner of unethical or sub-standard conduct which is present in every industry---but how about UHC, who will make them accountable for the many transgressions and outright theft of agent commissions. Who will listen and take up the cause of a dedicated agent assisting clients with integrity and dedication?

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