Texaco XPress Lube St. Petersburg (North Florida Lubes) - Texaco XPress Lube is the McDonalds of Car Care

Posted on Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 at 7:41pm CDT by 8f4ab110

Product: Auto Service

Company: Texaco XPress Lube St. Petersburg (North Florida Lubes)

Location: Texaco XPress Lube 4846 4th St N St Petersburg, FL 33703
St. Petersburg, Fl, 33703, US

Category: Other

Do not go to this store. I went there in 2009 thinking I could squeeze in quick service between my regular Dealer service. What a mistake! These guys bent my tie rod and put all the wrong tires in the wrong position for a tire rotation. I had two sets of warning lights coming on and over a thousand in repairs after going to these guys. These guys are amateurs, not mechanics. I took my car back and they denied any wrong doing and would not accept a complaint. Do not go to Texaco Xpress Lube. Took them to small claims. It is the McDonalds of car care!



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