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Posted on Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 at 7:03pm CDT by 800ca3a4

Product: 42 LCD

Company: Samsung

Location: US

Category: Other

I have a $1400 42" TV that the picture stopped working on that was purchased from HH Greg 9 months ago. When I contacted HH Greg, I was routed thru a company by the Name of "Tops Electric" in Orlando. It took them 5 days to come to the house, and they never called to let us know when. They said "Their Systems" were down. Well they remained down for 5 Days! And they could tell you nothing about the repair or the status. They ordered the part, to repair after the system is up, then Samsung closes their parts center for inventory....Two weeks later they come back to service the unit with only 1 of the two parts needed.

When I asked about the screen, they said Samsung said just to replace the one part, and see if that works, regardless of what the service tech said. Guess what....It did not work! Go figure. Now they have to get approval from Samsung to order the part...and that can take up to 5 days (according to Samsung Customer Service). Also their parts department is closed for a week anyway (According to Samsung Customer Service). If all goes according to their time frame, I might have my TV working almost 45 days from the time I contacted them, well past the 21 days allowed in their warranty.

Samsung made "Me" prove that the contact on the repair was that old, and when I did, they said "Tops" service agent needed to do this in writing; they did not care what Toips and I told them on the phone, or what I could prove from my phone records.

I asked if I could just replace the unit at HH Greg...NO. You have to wait for our approvals and service even if you have proven us wrong. I have spent over 5 hours on hold with Samsung and Tops Electric (soon to be Pinnacle), left countless messages, and no answered messages. YOU BETTER BE PREPARED TO WASTE ALOT OF TIME WITH THESE PEOPLE IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!!

You are a Liar even if you prove them wrong, and you will ??shut up and wait and we will deal with you the way we want!"

When I went to HH Greg, they will not help after 30 days. They had someone make a few calls, and that was it, even though my total purchase with them was $7,500.00. Go figure, they all have your money and they want to do as little as possible. They want you to go away, or even better yet, as one person told me "Just go buy a new TV until we get this fixed!"

I don't know about you, but when I spend $1400.00 on a TV, I like to think there will be a little customer service in the warranty period...Silly me (lol).

The only facts that remain are as follows:

1- I paid $1400.00 for a Samsung TV.

2-It is Broken, even after my repair.

3- No one, HH Greg, Tops Electric (soon to be Pinnacle), or Samsung is doing anything about it, and has chosen to ignore their own warranty by shifting dates and times in their computer.

4-When I tried to get answers from tops, I got NONE!

5- Samsung basically said they will deal with it their way, and to bad.

6- HH Greg has the money, and they are not going to exchange the unit...Period.

If you are thinking that any one will stand behind your purchase with a manufactures warranty at HH Gregg....NO. If you think that the authorized service center will meet your expectations, and get things fixed...NO! If you think Samsung will honor your warranty even though you prove to them their info is wrong, or you think they care about your future business...NO!

If you buy from HH Greg, use Tops Electric (soon to be Pinnacle), or purchase a Samsung product thinking they will stand behind it...Shame on you! I will never shop at HH Greg again, use Tops for any service, or purchase any Samsung product EVER AGIAN!


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