Americredit & CLS - Americredit Lies

Posted on Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 at 8:51pm CDT by 0a89e0c0

Company: Americredit & CLS

Location: po box 183593
arlington, tx, 76096, US


Category: Other

I was 2 months due on my car payment and I called Americredit on Friday 9/4 and made arrangements to pay both payments the following Tuesday since Monday was labor day. I was told that was fine it just had to be paid before the 14th. on Sunday 9/6 a tow truck pulled up in my yard and hooked up to the truck. My husband ran out and drove the truck back off the tow truck and refused to let them take it. He had his guns in the truck and bank card kids back packs etc. The driver said he had to take the truck and as long as we paid the account up on Tuesdy we would get it back. They took the truck and this morning I called to pay the past due portion and get the truck back but was told we could not 'reinstate' the loan because of the confrontation and the driver told americredit we said we would get the truck back and they would never see it. that was a complete LIE. that was never said.


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