Forward Management in Pittsburgh - About management company's service after rent

Posted on Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 at 4:42pm CDT by 8ed7b1e6

Company: Forward Management in Pittsburgh

Location: 5440 5th Ave # 63
Pittsburgh, PA, 15232-2273, US

Category: Other

I have rented my apartment from Forward Management in Pittsburgh. The management company promised that the windows, doors and all other problems will be fixed by the time I move to the apartment. I moved to the apartment ten days ago. We have made two appointment by management company to let them come and fix my problems. They didn't come at all and even they didn't inform me about that they couldn't come. I made the phone calls all the time and asked why they didn't come. They always rescheduled my appointment and I could not reach any person in charge. I always made the talks with the office girl. I really got angry but I have no other choice.Now, they again rescheduled my appointment. I am really really disappointed with the service of that management company and the management company do not care for their tenants indeed.


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